New Arrivals

The works of professors of Chernihiv National University of Technology

Forensic science (Theoretical basis of criminalistics., Forensic science): Textbook. / MB Golovko, LA Ostapenko, IP Osipenko, MP Chernenok. - Chernigov: CHNTU, 2016. - 195 p.

The textbook outlines the theoretical issues of the science of criminalistics, gives practical recommendations on the use of forensic techniques, taking into account the practice of applying the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine in 2012.

Forensic science (Forensic tactics): Textbook. / I.V. Berdnik, MB Golovko, LA Ostapenko and others - Chernigov: Chernihiv National University of Technology, 2017. - 207 p.

The textbook deals with theoretical issues and provides practical recommendations on the use of criminalistic tactics, taking into account the practice of applying the norms of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine in 2012.

Statistical and expert-analytical support for the management of sustainable development of the economy and social sphere: collective monograph / ed. V. G. Margasova. - Chernigov: CHNTU, 2017. - 619 p.

The collective monograph contains the results of monitoring the effectiveness of the processes of Ukraine's integration into the EU and the effectiveness of sectoral reforms, the systematic study of the fundamental theoretical and methodological foundations of expert analytical support for management, the European experience in developing the statistical business process in order to ensure an appropriate level of data quality and efficient statistical production, government finance, monetary and financial statistics, analysts expert, legal and information support of local and regional self-government in the process of decentralization, ensuring management of economic potential and economic activity and living standards of the population. A significant result of the research is the development of directions for the rational and effective use of the available opportunities for the development of Ukraine and its regions in modern conditions.

Shishkina, A. V. Money and Credit Workshop: Textbook. / V. Shishkin, M. V. Dubin. - Chernigov: Braginets AV, 2017. - 273 p.

Textbook. The manual is aimed at forming students practical skills in the theory of money and credit, the assimilation of the laws of their functioning and development. The manual consists of thirteen topics, each of which contains control questions, topics for individual work, test tasks, problem situations and controversial issues and other exercises related to real economic processes in the state and the most important developments in the development of the financial market. Ukraine, the study of which will deepen the level of knowledge in the discipline.

Meeting with a veteran of the ATU

On the eve of the Day of the Defender of Ukraine in the reading room of the National Library of the CNUT, the students of the Faculty of Life Support, Nature Management and Tourism met with the deputy commander of the 13th separate motorized infantry battalion for armament, lieutenant colonel of the reserve, veteran of the ATO Bizhan Ihor Mikhailovich.

Despite the abundance of information in the media, it was very interesting and useful for young people to communicate with a participant in the fighting in the east of Ukraine.

Ihor Mikhailovich told about the history of the creation of the battalion, combat operations and everyday life in the ATU zone, he remembered his brethren who will not see the peaceful sky. The conversation was honest and frank. The students did not want to leave the distinguished guest, the real hero for a long time, putting all the new questions.

Day Against Trafficking in Human Beings

On October 18, 2007, on the initiative of the European Parliament, the Day of Combating Trafficking in Human Beings was founded as the day of consolidation of activities to raise awareness of the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings, especially women and children, public indifference to this phenomenon and visualization of the problem at the global level.

Today, the problem of combating human trafficking has become extremely relevant for our state. Trafficking in human beings is one of the most massive violations of human rights and freedoms. Victims of trafficking in persons are men, women, children for the purpose of forced labor, sexual exploitation, poverty, the use of narcotic drugs, illegal organ harvesting. Modern human trafficking is a lucrative industry, a well-organized transnational criminal business.

Be careful, take care of your own safety!

The library offers an interactive exhibition-a warning to the European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings.

New Arrivals

The work of professors of Chernihiv National University of Technology

Economic Theory and Energy Economics: Textbook / SM Shkarlet, Zh. V. Deri, AV Minina, NT Shadura-Nikiporets. - Chernihv: CNUT, 2017. - 267 p.

The textbook consistently discloses the content of fourteen interrelated themes, which cover three meaningful modules: the general foundations of economic theory; resource support of the energy company; costs and efficiency of energy production, providing fundamental training for students in the direction "6.050701 - Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnology." The proposed theoretical material is based on an active methodology. The visual material is presented in the form of diagrams, graphs, tables and other types of visibility. At the end of each topic, a list of tasks, situational tasks and tests is presented, they are both a form of self-training and an audit control of students' knowledge. Using this manual in preparation for the exam, students will be able to systematize and concretize the knowledge gained in the course of studying this discipline. The manual can be used both for self-study of the discipline, and as a textbook for higher educational institutions.

Minina, A. V. Economics and Organization of Labor: Textbook. / V. Minina, J. V. Deri, NT Shadura-Nikiporets. - Chernigov: CNUT, 2017. - 199 p.

The subject field of the proposed training manual is the theory and practice of economics and labor organization in the enterprise. The structure and content of the manual corresponds to the educational and professional training of bachelors in the direction 0501 "Economics and Entrepreneurship" in the discipline "Economics and Labor Organization". The purpose of studying the material outlined in the proposed publication is: to develop an understanding of the essence and role of the economy, the organization and standardization of labor of personnel and the effective management of labor utilization in enterprises on a systemic basis; the acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field under study and the professional competencies necessary for the effective management of processes related to the use of labor.

Development of financial intermediaries in turbulent conditions for the functioning of the national economy: a collective monograph / VP Ilchuk, MV Dubina, Ya.V. Zhariy and others; under the Society. Ed. VP Ilchuk. - Chernigov: CNUT, 2017. - 198 p. - ISBN 978-966-2188-90-5

The monograph explores the theoretical and applied basis for the development of financial intermediaries in the context of environmental uncertainty. The theoretical foundations of the functioning and development of financial intermediaries are determined, the peculiarities of the activity of banking institutions are revealed in conditions of stochastic external environment, modern and global trends in the functioning of insurance companies and non-state pension funds are traced, the present state and prospects for the development of investment intermediaries are characterized. Considerable attention is paid to the issues of intensifying the development of credit institutions in the financial services market of Ukraine.

The collective monograph was prepared within the framework of the scientific complex research topic "Financial stability of economic systems in crisis management conditions" (state registration number of DR No. 0115U001149, the term March 2015 - February 2018) and is intended for a wide range of domestic specialists, scientists involved in the development and the introduction of a strategy for the development of basic sectors of the national economy, students, graduate students, university professors and all those who are interested in the problems and prospects for the development of the national economics.

Congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day!

The holiday was established on October 14, 2014 by the decree of the President of Ukraine to honor the courage and heroism of the defenders of the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the military traditions and victories of the Ukrainian people, to further strengthen the patriotic spirit in society and to support the initiative of the public.

This holiday has deep roots. In 860, according to legend, the army of ancient Rus, led by Prince Askold, siege the center of Orthodoxy - Constantinople, trying to capture the city. Inhabitants of the capital of Byzantium in hot prayer appealed to the Theotokos with a request for salvation. And the Mother of God, according to the stories, appeared before the people and covered them with her veil (omophorion - that is, a long, wide, large veil, under which people hid).

After that, the enemies could no longer see these people. As some sources point out, the stricken Askold and his warriors took holy baptism and became Christians.

Back on October 14 you can celebrate as Fatherland Defender's Day. And here everything will be right, for the traditions of our people stretch from the depths of the centuries and lead to this glorious day - October 14, the Protection of the Blessed Virgin, which protects its children from all enemies and inspires the Ukrainian army to defend our land, our glorious Ukraine.

In the memory of today's and future descendants, the exploits of many generations of defending soldiers will forever remain, their unlimited devotion and love for their native land, courage and heroism.

Respect the defenders of the Fatherland!

Interesting information:

The scientific library offers its readers:

Calendar of significant and memorable events. October 11

This day marks the 345th anniversary of the birth of Philip Orlik - political, state and military figure, hetman of Ukraine, author of the first Constitution of Ukraine.

/Files/images/bevz/орлик.jpg Philip Orlik's main desire was to get the political freedom of his land and people to declare, in the words of Orlik himself, "my rights and the rights of my nation in Ukraine." Realizing the complexity of his task, Philip Stepanovich sadly compared himself with the ship-owner, who "must cruelly send the Ukrainian ship, shattered by storms and storms, to the blessed shores of our Motherland, which is guarded by the Moscow dragon, and to restore its former freedom"

The Constitution of P. Orlik has special significance for future generations. In it, 300 years ago, the basic principles of building an independent state were formulated: separation of powers, sovereignty, democracy, sociality and legality, ensuring human and citizen rights and freedoms

Thematic web browser:

The library recommends:

  • Kresina, I. Getman Philip Orlik and his Constitution / I. Kresina, A. Kresin. - To: PSP '' FotovideoServis '', 1993. - 80 p.
  • Reznichenko, V. Philip Orlik. Getman-Emigrant. His life and work / V. Reznichenko. - Moscow: Testament, 1991. - 47 p. [The reprinted edition of 1918]

Calendar of significant and memorable events. October 11

On this day we celebrate the 75th birthday of Vladimir Yavorivsky, Ukrainian writer, people's deputy of Ukraine of the six previous convocations, laureate of Taras Shevchenko National Prize, politician and publicist.

/Files/images/bevz/явор.jpgYavorivsky-writer - above all a fiery patriot. His works are distinctly marked by national colors, they always have Ukrainian problems to some extent. His characters live in the context of the history of the people, act in an endless channel of memory. Vladimir Yavorivsky highlights life, protects and affirms the inevitable human values and noble ideals. In the writings of the writer, not only pain, sadness and darkness, there is light, the beauty of the Ukrainian heart, is able to passionately love and hate angrily.

Thematic web browser:

The library recommends:

  • Yavorivsky, VA Favorites: novels and novels. - M .: Ukrainian writer, 2009. - 701 p.
  • Yavorivsky, VA I sounded an angel ...: in 3 volumes - M .: Globe, 1993. T. 1: Self-portrait from the imagination: a novel. Publicism. Novels. - 320 p. T. 2: And the apples are falling: the story. Look back in the autumn: a novel. - 334 p. T. 3: Eternal Kortelis: a story. Maria with wormwood at the end of a hundred-plus: a novel. - 317 p.
  • Yavorivsky, VA Mary with wormwood at the end of a hundred century: a novel. - M .: Dnepr, 1987. - 190 p.

World view of a small artist

We invite to the exhibition the works of Anna Matvevtseva and her students "The Worldview of the Little Artist"! The exhibition works will be in the premises of the Scientific Library of the CNUT (Shevchenko St., 95).

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. October 8

/Files/images/bibliograf/цветаева.jpgThis day marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of Marina Tsvetaeva (September 26 (October 8), August 1892 - August 31, 1941).

Marina Tsvetaeva is rightfully considered one of the largest Russian poetesses of the early 20th century. Its rather short but eventful biography has become the subject of study of historians and art historians, but until the end it has not been possible to solve the riddle of this interesting, in many respects tragic figure, many twists of fate cause a lot of questions today.

Marina Tsvetaeva's poems are loved for the power of inspiration, the sincerity of the soul and the beauty of the poetic word.

  • No passion will overthrow justice in me. Doing another pain, no, a thousand times, better tolerate yourself. I'm not a winner. I myself am under trial, my court is more strict than yours, I do not like myself, I do not spare ...
  • I want such a humble, murderous-simple thing: that when I enter, a person rejoices ...
  • I do not want to have a point of view. I want to have a vision ... MI Tsvetaeva

The library offers its readers a virtual book exhibition dedicated to the work of Marina Tsvetaeva.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. October 8

On this day, Ukraine marks the Day of the lawyer.

/Files/images/byistrova/На терезах.jpgThe concept of "lawyer" unites all people involved in diverse professional legal activities - judges, prosecutors, investigators, lawyers, notaries, lawyers in organizations, lawyers engaged in private practice and others.

Congratulations to lawyers of all spheres of activity on a professional holiday and wish them the supremacy of order and law in their daily practice!

We offer our readers to view the virtual exhibition of the latest legal literature.

World Animal Day

International Day, aimed at drawing humanity's attention to animal rights and their welfare, which is celebrated annually on October 4.

/Files/images/bibliograf/день тварин.jpg The history of this day begins with an international congress of supporters of the movement for the protection of animal rights, which took place in Florence (Italy) in 1931. The date of the World Animal Day was not chosen by chance. October 4 is the day of the memory of Francis of Assisi, who is considered to be the patron saint of animals, so the congress participants stopped exactly on this day.

/Files/images/bibliograf/захисник.jpgOn this day, various animal rights societies hold rallies in more than 66 countries around the world. They urge people to abandon the ill-considered destruction of animals for the sake of satisfying their far from the most basic needs.

In addition, World Animal Day is an occasion to remind people of their responsibility for pets, which for many have become truly indispensable family members.

The library offers to your attention:

/Files/images/Flickr/Селфи.jpgTo read is trendy!

When do readers still have the opportunity to demonstrate their love for books and reading?
On the All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries!
Selfi in the Library continues!

More photos

All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries

"The only thing you absolutely need to know is where the library is." Albert Einstein

Dear readers! September 30 - All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries! The scientific library invites all comers to celebrate this holiday:

  • Quiz to the All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries "Library is a treasury of knowledge"
  • 25.09 - 02.10 photo exhibition "The world through the eyes of librarians" (library site)
  • 25.09 - 02.10 library selfi "Read fashionably" (library site)
  • 25.09 - 02.10 photo-album "The Life of the Library" (building 8)
  • 29.09 "Virtual tours by the libraries of the world" (Literary drawing room, building 11)
  • 25.09 - 02.10 thematic book exhibition "The Book - the wisdom of centuries" (service department, building 8)
  • 25.09 - 02.10 exhibition of bibliographic indexes "Bibliography is the key to knowledge" (scientific bibliographic department, building 8)
  • 25.09 - 02.10 book exhibition "Autumn literary starfall": novelties of fiction (service department, building 11)
  • 25.09 - 02.10 Exhibition of creative works of the library employee IF Bystrova (service department, building 11)
  • 27.09 12:50 The Brain Ring on the History of Ukraine (Building 1)
  • 28.09 - 29.09 the action "Be as at home" (service department, building 11)
  • 28.09 - 29.09 exhibition-gift of the methodical editions of the teachers of Chelyabinsk State Technical University "From student to student" (service department, building 1)
  • 28.09 - 29.09 excursion around the library for 1st year students and open literature reviews to specialties (service department: buildings 8, 11, 23)
  • 29.09 bibliographic review of the literature on library science (service department, building 8)

Waiting for you!

Chernigov Decoration: beauty that is disappearing

September 28 in ChNTU a significant event took place not only in the scale of the university, but also in the city of Chernigov - presentation of the book "Chernigov Decoration: beauty that disappears".

/Files/images/karpenko/краса.jpgThe illustrated edition, sponsored by the teachers of the CNUT Tourism Department: N. O. Aleshugina, V. M. Velichko, O. Zelenskaya, P. F. Koval, suggests an interesting excursion around the ancient streets of Chernigov, which preserved the samples of wooden architecture of the late XIX - early XX century, decorated with wooden carvings.

/Files/images/karpenko/узоры.jpgProject authors, members of the NGO "European Chernigov " with the support of the UK's international organization for cultural relations and education "The British Council" made another attempt to draw the attention of a wide circle of Chernigov's public to the problem of losing samples of folk wooden architecture and reduce the aesthetic appeal of the city. Video

With gratitude for the help provided in the preparation of the album, the authors of the project presented their books to the distinguished guests of the event. Do not forget about the library. In the near future our readers will be able to familiarize themselves with this unique publication. Thanks for the generous gift!

The Cossack Brain Ring

The "Cossack Brain Ring" was held in September 27, in the reading room of the Scientific Library of the CNUT, .

/Files/images/chntu/ринг.jpgThe teams of RA-171 group (Faculty of Electronic and Information Technologies) and PT-171 group (Faculty of Project Management, Quality Management and Life Support) competed.

The game was opened by the director of the Scientific Library, Moroz N. V. She wished both teams of wit and victory. Stormy discussion of interesting issues, friendly support of fans of odnogrupnikov delivered to all those present a lot of positive emotions. Cheer for their teams and team supervisors - Savenko A.V. and Denisenko TM Prize and Diploma for the winners - the team of the RA-171 group - was presented by Dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Associate Professor N. D. Kaidash. Team gr. PT-171 received gratitude and an incentive prize. More photos

New Arrivals

Proceedings of CNUT professors

Financial support for the development of business entities of the real sector of the economy: the collective. monograph / Under the Society. Ed. VP Ilchuk. - Chernigov: CHNTU, 2017. - 271 p.

The monograph explores the theoretical foundations of financial support for the functioning and development of business entities, methods and mechanisms of financial support for innovative development of business entities. Considerable attention is paid to territorial and sectoral aspects, financial features and components of sustainable development of business entities of the real sector of the economy, as well as to the problems of minimizing the risks of financial support to enterprises in crisis management conditions. Conceptual bases are formulated and realities and prospects of strategy and tactics of development of enterprises of the real sector of the economy are determined.

The collective monograph was prepared within the framework of the scientific complex research topic "Financial Stability of Economic Systems in Crisis Management Conditions" and is intended for a wide range of domestic specialists, scientists involved in the development and implementation of a strategy for the development of basic sectors of the national economy, students, graduate students, university professors and all those who are interested in the problems and prospects for the development of the national economy.

Methods of analysis and modeling of the security of distributed information systems: monograph / V.V. Litvinov, V.V. Kazimir, I.I. V. Stetsenko and others; for commonly ed. S. M. Shkarlet. - Chernigov: CNUT, 2017. - 204 p.

Issues of definition of non-standard behavior by methods of the statistical analysis are considered in the monograph; methods of artificial intelligence systems used in case of detection of attacks; risk assessment; models and methods of active counteraction to computer attacks; tasks to assess the degree of security of computer networks using methods of simulation. The monograph is intended for students of the branch 12 "Information technologies". It can also be useful for graduate students, scientific and practical workers.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. October 1

The International Day of Music was established on October 1, 1975 by decision of UNESCO. The festival is celebrated every year around the world with big concert programs, with the participation of the best artists and art groups.

/Files/images/byistrova/скрипичный.jpg Music has tremendous power. In the world there are few people indifferent to music. Many composers tried to express through it the state of their soul. Books from the fund of the Scientific Library are dedicated to the great figures of musical art. The presented information contains brief fascinating stories about the life and work of brilliant musicians and composers who made a significant contribution to the treasury of world culture.

Due to the International Music Day, the library offers virtual exhibitions:

Significant work of Ukrainian literature

175 years have passed since the publication of the first full edition of the Aeneid.

/Files/images/bibliograf/енеїда.jpg "Aeneid" is a Ukrainian poem written by writer Ivan Kotlyarevsky on the plot of the same poem of the same name by the Roman poet Virgil.

With the "Aeneid", with a new genre of heroic-comic poem, a new quality of Ukrainian national culture was born, a new type of artistic and literary consciousness. The burlesque-travesty principle of depicting the Ukrainian man opened up a new, not regulated by traditions, stereotypes and mythological views on the national character. Merry - heroic and comic - the adventures of the "eternal sechevik" of the Ukrainian Aeneas symbolized the irreverence and proud rebellion of a Ukrainian who is able to find a way out of any situation: he does not sink in the water, does not burn in the fire, for him there is nothing higher, more desirable, holier than freedom.

The poem is a first-class source of Ukrainian studies, Ukrainian way of life and culture of the 18th century.

Library of the National Library of the Chechen National Technical University recommends:

  • Kotlyarevsky, I. P. Eneida: Poem - M .: The Book, 2008. - 382 p.
  • Bovsunivska, T. Gorgona with the Ukrainian face (Poetizatsiya poyabichchya in "Aeneid" by Ivan Kotlyarevsky) // Divoslovo (Ukrainian language and literature in the educational institutions). - 2000.- No. 12. - P. 2-7.
  • Zhulinsky, M. The Spiritual Epoch in the History of Ukraine ("Eneid" by Ivan Kotlyarevsky) // Divoslovo (Ukrainian Language and Literature in Instructional Institutes). - 2000. - No. 8. - P. 15-20.
  • Chepik, R. "And where Ivan Petrovich laughed ...": ["Aeneid" by Ivan Kotlyarevsky] // Divoslovo (Ukrainian language and literature in the educational institutions). - 2010. - No. 7. - P. 47-52.

To the anniversary of Babi Yar

The mass grave and the symbol of the Holocaust in Ukraine was Babi Yar.

From September 1941 until the end of September 1943, it was the site of regular executions and burial that were conducted by the Nazi security police and the Army's Ayazantzgruppe together with the military and civil authorities of Kyiv. The victims of the Nazis were Jews, gypsies, Ukrainian nationalists, Soviet prisoners of war, patients from the Kyiv psychiatric hospital and other national or social groups that the invaders considered enemies or "just superfluous." Babi Yar is a necropolis for more than 100,000 civilians and prisoners of war. More information here.

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/Бабин Яр.jpgAbove Babi Yar is the rustle of wild grasses. Trees look menacingly, like judges.

Everyone silently here screams, and, taking off his hat, I feel how slowly I grow gray.

And I myself, like a continuous, soundless scream, over the thousands of thousands buried.

I'm every old man shot here. I'm every child here shot. Ye. Evtushenko

The scientific library offers its readers:

Levitas, I. The Righteous of Babi Yar / I. Levitas. - M .: ETHNOS, 2008. - 367 p. The edition tells about people who showed heroism, greatness of spirit and nobility, saving Jews from doom.

Calendar of significant and memorable events. September 27

World Tourism Day is a holiday celebrated annually on September 27 with the aim of promoting tourism, highlighting its contribution to the world economy, developing relations between the peoples of different countries.

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/чернігів місто.jpgIn independent Ukraine this day is additionally fixed by the decree of the President of Ukraine from September 21, 1998 № 1047/98 and is called "Day of Tourism", it is also celebrated on September 27th. Tourism Day is a holiday for all who have ever felt themselves in the role of a traveler, getting out of daily everyday fuss in the forest or in the field, on the bank of the river or lake, at the sea or the resort, as well as in other places with which our beloved land is so rich! It is quite natural that this holiday and those who are directly engaged in this sphere - the sphere of tourism business. With a holiday of all people who are not indifferent to tourism!

By the Day of Tourism, the Scientific Library offers:

Thematic web browser:

Unofficial, but very cheerful holiday!

September 22, all Tolkienists - admirers of books by John Ronald Ruel Tolkien - celebrate the Hobbit Day. This is the birthday of the Hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, the heroes of the famous book.

/Files/images/bibliograf/Happy-Hobbit-Day-2017.jpgThe holiday, of course, is unofficial, but this does not prevent him from being loved by admirers of Tolkien's works. The date of birth of Bilbo and Frodo, the author himself pointed out in his books. Celebrate Hobbits Day since 1978, the initiator of the establishment of such a holiday was the American Tolkienist community. The celebration traditions are similar in many ways to the birthday celebration of Bilbo Baggins himself, described in the Lord of the Rings saga: a great party, a lot of delicious food, dances, music and, of course, fireworks. Thus celebrating, imitating hobbits, come to a party barefoot.

The library recommends: Primachik I. Lyudina, yaka rozumіє гобітів. - Vsesvit. - 2008. - No. 3-4. - P. 114-118.

New Arrivals

Proceedings of scientists ChNTU

Shkarlet, S.M. The real sector of the economy of Ukraine in the conditions of the formation of the information society : monograph / SM Shkarlet, MP Butko, AI Metelki. - Chernihiv: CHNTU, 2017. - 287 p.

/Files/images/chntu/шкарлетмонографія.jpg The monograph is devoted to the study of the current state, problems and prospects for the development of information systems and technologies in the real sector of the Ukrainian economy. The role and the place of information systems in the conditions of the information society are considered, such requirements to management of activity of the enterprises, production systems, as orientation to knowledge, innovative character of manufacture, manufacture virtualization, dynamism, globalization, etc. are put forward.

The features of information support for the management system are investigated and practical recommendations are developed aimed at increasing the efficiency of enterprises in the real sector of the economy in the regional context.

Diagnostics carried out allowed developing conceptual bases and methodological ground for the formation and use of a functional model of information support for the process of managing enterprises of the real sector of the economy on the basis of maximum use of the capabilities of modern information and communication technologies.

The monograph is intended for specialists in the field of economy, regional administration, researchers, teachers, post-graduate students, doctoral students, masters and students, as well as all those who do not represent their future without the development of information systems and technologies.

Happy birthday, Chernihiv!

Our city is considered one of the oldest in Ukraine - it was founded before the baptism of Rus.

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/ its more than 1300-year history, Chernihiv has experienced more than one period of falls and ups. Today it is a unique city, where history and modernity are intertwined in an incredible way. The city's birthday is celebrated on September 21. It was on this day in 1943 that Soviet troops liberated the Chernigov from the German fascist invaders.

On the day of the city, the Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology offers:

The Citywide Plan of Events, dedicated to the City Day and the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Chernihiv from the Nazi occupation.

Literary Troopers at Chernihiv National University of Technology

/Files/images/karpenko/21686053_1330874950373199_1391394179070104674_n.jpgThe library sincerely thanks the participants of the second International Festival of Word Integration in the contemporary art space "Litavri": a poet, journalist, TV presenter Dmitry Lazutkin and composer, arranger, singer, writer Boris Sevastyanovoz, an excellent opportunity to get to know their creativity! We wish further creative successes!

Soon, ask the library:

  • Sevastyanov B. The monk / B. Sevastyanov. - H: Maltsev AV, 2017. - 112 p. The story "Monk" is a story about the modern representative of the "lost generation". About the volunteer soldier, returning from ATO, tries to get used to a peaceful life. But it turns out that the world around us has changed. And the constant memories of the war do not give rest.
  • Lazutkin D. Red Book Book of Poems / D Lazutkin. - Chernivtsi: Books - ХХI, 2015 - 84 with. "Red Book" is a collection in which most of the poems were written during the last year. Each of the three sections of the book has its own emotional history. This is similar to the passage of infernal circles, during which the lyrical hero realizes the signs of the past to get a transparent surface that reflects the sun's rays.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. September 17

Day of a forest worker is a professional holiday for forestry workers, forestry, woodworking and pulp and paper industry workers.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 356/93 of 28.08.1993 is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of September. This day draws the attention of all people to the need for caring for forest plantations, the inadmissibility of massive deforestation and their contamination.

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/лес.jpgBy the Day of Forest Workers, the Scientific Library has prepared a bibliographic index "FOREST ECONOMICS". It included textbooks, teaching aids, monographs, reference, popular scientific literature and publications of periodicals, available in the funds of the University's Scientific Library and disclosing the content of the concept under study in the sections:

  • Forest pyrology
  • Geoinformation systems in forestry
  • Forest exploitation Forestry
  • Forest Science
  • Economics of forestry
  • Legal aspects in forestry
  • Outstanding foresters
  • Forestry: legislative and regulatory documents

Web-resources are presented by scientific publications of Ukraine and useful thematic links.

New on the site!

Electronic scientific professional publications of Ukraine in domestic and international scientometric, abstract databases (which are included, renewed (amended) in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine). Information as of 11/07/2017.

Hurry to do good!

The International Day of Homeless Animals is held annually in the second decade of August.

/Files/images/bevz/инна.JPGThe holiday arose in 1992 with the support of a non-governmental organization - the International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR). It is celebrated in more than 50 countries, on 6 continents. "Day of homeless animals" directly concerns the problems that arise with our former favorite pets. Let's share our kindness with them, take care of them! They love us, people, because our environment has never left us, sometimes hostile to them. Let's and we will love them, expressing this love in everyday life.

Some of the librarians' pets of the National Library of the Chernihiv National University of Technology.

To the topic: "Now I'm Homey" - the day of protection of homeless animals will be held in Chernihiv.

European Day of Remembrance of Victims of Stalinism and Nazism

The International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Totalitarian Ideologies of Stalinism and National Socialism is celebrated in the European Union countries on August 23 every day on the day of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939, dividing Europe into two spheres of interest with the help of secret additional protocols.

Declaration of the European Parliament on the proclamation on August 23 as a day of remembrance of the victims of Stalinism and Nazism Methodical materials of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory.

The library recommends: Ramazanova, S. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, its role in unleashing the Second World War / Sh. Ramazanova, L. Ignatova // University. - 2011. - No. 5. - P. 18-26.

Day of the programmer

September 13, 2017 is the Day of the Programmer.

/Files/images/chntu/прог.jpgFor the first time the idea of celebrating the "Day of the Programmer" was published by the head of the publishing house "Computer" Dmitry Mendreluk on July 15, 1996. For the programmer's day, it was suggested that the first Friday in September, called "Clean Friday", be considered. In 2002, employees of the Web studio "Parallel Technologies" Valentin Balt and Mikhail Chervyakov organized a collection of signatures in support of the recognition of the 256th day of the year as the official holiday of programmers.

The choice for the holiday of the 256th day of the year is explained by the fact that this number is symbolic, it is closely related to computers, but is not associated with specific persons or codes of specialties. The number 256 corresponds to the number of numbers that can be represented using one 8-bit byte, a common unit of measure for the amount of data. The holiday is unofficially celebrated in Ukraine and a number of other countries.

Congratulations to all programmers (today and tomorrow) and those who teach them at the Faculty of Electronic and Information Technologies of the Chernihiv National University of Technology. We wish the optimal program code and the greatest speed. Let all variables be known, types coincide, and the stack will never be overflowed!

Day of Ukrainian cinema

Every year on the second Saturday of September we celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Cinema.

/Files/images/karpenko/кинодень.jpgDespite the fact that the festival appeared only in 1996, the history of Ukrainian cinema began long before that. For more information click ...

Now there is a gradual increase in the volume of film production in Ukraine. Ukrainian cinema begins to revive: new tapes, new names and new stories appear. Over the past year, 30 films of domestic production have appeared on screens. Now at the same time 51 films are being shot. Let the number of interesting Ukrainian films grow from year to year, and the cinema halls are filled with sincere admirers of cinema art!

On the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Cinema, the Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology prepared:

Enjoy the watching!

Calendar of significant and memorable evets. 8 September

International Literacy Day is one of the international days celebrated in the United Nations system. The holiday was introduced and celebrated not only in honor of those who gave mankind writing, but also all those who teach children and young people and spread literacy. The literacy of modern person consists of a desire for self-improvement, the acquisition of new knowledge, love of books, skills in working with modern information technologies. One of the sources of its distribution is the library. Come to our library and enhance your literacy!

Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology offers:

  • We are Ukrainians! Our main attribute is the Ukrainian language. By grammatical excellence, expressiveness of sound and melody, our language has no equal in the world. How well do we understand it? Let's check! Enter in the boxes of the crossword words that correspond to the interpretation.
  • A rich and harmonious Ukrainian language. Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, Mikhail Hrushevsky wrote his works on it. We invite you to check whether you understand the rare, inadequate words that occur in the works of the classics of Ukrainian literature. When compiling the crossword, the materials of the dictionary "Rare Ukrainian words" were used.

Calendar of significant and memorable events. 5 September

200 years since the birth of Alexei Tolstoy - the most prominent representative of the Ukrainian anti-imperial cultural movement in Starodubshchina in the middle of the 19th century, the great-grandson of Hetman Kirill Razumovsky, the nephew of the Siver writer Anthony Pogorelsky, the cousin of fighters against Russian autocracy Alexei and Lev Zhemchuzhnikov.

"I am one of two or three writers who hold our art flag for art, because my conviction is that the poet's purpose is not to bring people any direct benefit or advantage, but to bring their moral level, inspiring them with love for beauty... ". AK Tolstoy

He was buried in his native Red Horn in Chernihiv in a small chapel, next to the great-grandfather's church of Hetman Razumovsky.

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/актолстой.jpg The library recommends:

  • Tolstoy, AK Collection of works in four volumes - M.: Pravda, 1980.
  • Tolstoy, AK Selected Works. - M.: Children. Literature, 1970. - 510 p.
  • Tolstoy AK Prince Serebryany: The Tale of the Times of Ivan the Terrible. From the history of Russian journalism of the sixteenth century. Who and how he studied the history of Russia from the epoch of Ivan the Terrible. - M.: Young Guard, 1986. - 608 p.
  • Tolstoy AK Bells of mine. - M.: Young Guard, 1978. - 447 p.
  • Demidenko VV A. AK Tolstoy // The souls of their souls stayed here ... - K.: Rainbow magazine, 2010. - P. 68-72.

Library Thanks!

Do good while you are alive! (D.Didro)

The Scientific Library of the Chernigov National Technological University expresses sincere gratitude to the authors, employees of the University and students for the gifts they have given! Q3 2017

New on the site!

Bulletin of new supplies in the Scientific Library of the CNUT for the I and the quarter of 2017.

Information for scientists

Ukrainian scientific journals, which are indexed in international scientometric databases Scopus and / or Web of Science. Date of the last update of the table: 30/05/2017. The scientific bulletin of Polissya (founder and publisher - Chernigov National University of Technology ) is searched in group "B".

"Scientists of Ukraine" is a new information block of the portal "Science of Ukraine: access to knowledge".

Dear colleagues!

The Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology publishes a regional professional publication - Information Bulletin "Bibliocurier".
/Files/images/bibliokurer/укр 1.jpg

Dear colleagues, we invite you to cooperate! On the pages of "Bibliocureur" you can post your information: share events from the life of the library, literary Novelty, local history information; Exchange professional experience, library innovations, or offer your own topic. For all questions, please contact: We will be glad to cooperate with you!

The meeting place cannot be changed ... yes you can!

The library expands its representation

Nowadays, cooperation with social networks has become a promising area of information activities of the library; It allows you to establish a dialogue with a modern Internet user, to advertise your activity qualitatively and informally. Information technologies are actively used in the work of the scientific library of Chernihiv National University of Technology. For several years now we have been spreading news, popularizing services and funds with the help of Facebook and YouTube. Now we are pleased to announce the opening of a representative office on Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Google+.

Dear readers! We are very pleased to meet you both in real life and in the virtual space and make a lot of efforts to get you back to us again and again. We hope that you will help our library to become even better.

The library has a representative office

  • Facebook is the largest social network in the world;
  • YouTube - video hosting company that provides users with storage, delivery and display of video;
  • Twitter - social network for public messaging;
  • LinkedIn - social network for searching and establishing business contacts;
  • Flickr - one of the most popular services designed to store photos and videos online;
  • Google+ (Google Plus) is a multilingual social network.

/Files/images/bibliokurer/курьер23.jpgThe next issue of "Bibliocurier" was published

The scientific library of Chernihiv National University of Technology produces a regional professional publication - Information Bulletin "Bibliocurier".

In the new issue, readers are offered the following materials:

  • Social networks. The library expands its representation
  • Open access to DeGruyter resources
  • Social networks for researchers
  • International-style citations and references in scientific papers
  • On the pages of the history of Chernihiv. From the depths of centuries
  • A seeker of historical truth. Nikolay Kostomarov

We advise you to read it!

New on the site!

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/vz.jpgIN ASSISTANCE TO THE SCIENTISTS: International citations style and references in scientific papers

On March, 10th, 2017 the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "About the statement of requirements to registration of the dissertation" came into force.

The requirements determine the structure and rules of the thesis. In particular, the requirements for the design of the title page, the design of the annotation, the main part, the volume of the main text, theses, the design of the list of literature and the like.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine simplified the requirements for the design of the list of literature in the thesis, regulated the use of languages in writing the work and added an abstract to the structure of the dissertation.

The requirements to the design of the list of literature in the thesis are simpler. Read more

RECOMMENDATIONS on the design of bibliographic lists of literature according to international standards

School of Library Innovation

On May 4, a scientific and practical seminar of librarians of Chernihiv National University of Technology took place.

The next meeting of the School of Library Innovation was devoted to the use of modern information and communication technologies in the work of libraries.

Within the framework of the event, 5 substantive reports were heard:

The Path of Life by Nikolai Koshel

We invite you to visit the exhibition!

Філософія життя. Мистецтво Кошеля М.Я. In the reading room of the Scientific Library (building 1, Shevchenko St., 95), a personal exhibition of painting and graphics The Path of Life by Nikolai Yakovlevich Koshel (1925-2016) was opened.

The art critic, the chairman of Chernihiv organization of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, the active public figure Viktor Nikolaievich Velichko told about the artist's creative and life path, suggested to follow the path that the artist showed in his works - sensual, deeply emotional and sincere.

Nikolai Koshel, having devoted his whole life to painting, managed to show a bold and very captivating figurative vision of the world, to convey his opinion and mood.

Visit the library and familiarize yourself with works by Nikolai Koshel!

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Heading: Research support
  • Pedagogics: specialized scientific publications in the national and international scientometric, abstract databases.
  • Biology: specialized scientific publications in the national and international scientometric, abstract databases.
  • Chemistry: specialized scientific publications in the national and international scientometric, abstract databases.

To the attention of poetry lovers!

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/на.jpgThe Scientific Library presents a poetry collection “On the wings of inspiration”.

This publication is a creative output of students as well as of the faculty, staff and the alumni of Chernihiv National University of Technology participating in the Literary Studio “Snowdrop” and the creative studio “Gaudeamus”.

The publication is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the education establishment.

To get the poetry collection please contact the Editing and Publishing Department of the University (building 1, room 310).

Contacts: 3 m -03-30; 3-40-79; 063-36-37-366.


The EU Information Centre

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/есукр.jpgMay 24 the EU Information Centre is opened at the Chernihiv National University of Technology. Jurgis Vilcinskas (Yurgis Vilchinskas), Head of Press and Communication at the EU Delegation in Ukraine was present at the opening ceremony. From now on, everyone can visit the Scientific Library of CHUNT to get acquainted with the documents, basic information about the European Union policy.

The European Union: History, Present and Future” – where a selection of references to the sites that most substantially reveals the information about the European Union, its history and the relationship with Ukraine.

New on website!

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/фрон.jpgScientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology introduces:

Virtual book exhibition “Germany: From the Past to the Present”;

Themed web browser “Window to Germany”.

The WEB-SITE is under construction!


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