Unique Chernihiv region

The Scientific Library of Chernihiv National Technological University launches the project "Unique Chernihiv area", which will cover the history and achievements of our university, popularize local lore literature, acquaint with the spiritual wealth of our native land.

Readers will be able to get acquainted with the editions of the regional lore at the Book Shelf resource page, which will be presented as thematic reviews, virtual exhibitions, and bibliographic indexes. Students from all over Ukraine study at our university, so the the stuff of the Scientific Library conducts a variety of activities to introduce our users to the Siverska Territory, its history and architectural monuments, and the riches of literature and art. The library promotes creativity of writers, poets, artists, masters of folk decorative art. Bagin Gallery exhibits artistic canvases and photographs of both professional craftsmen and amateurs: students and university staff. The "Rainbow" Club holds meetings with interesting, talented fellow countrymen. The literary studio "Prolisok" unites the creative youth of the university. Studio "Hand Made" invites to master classes on the manufacture of folk art products. All these events will be highlighted on the "Art Space" page. Our employees are pleased to take part in journeys to their native land. They will share their impressions of travel on the "Tracks of their native land" page. The section "Chernihivshchina in names" will tell about prominent countrymen, cultural figures, literature and art, whose life was associated with our land. Chernihiv National Technological University also has a rich history and can be proud of its teachers and students. Inventions, achievements and research of university scientists will be presented on the pages "Our scientists" and "Our graduates". About the life and scientific way of the heads of the ChNTU can be found in the section "Near the origins of CNTU". The University creates favorable conditions for the development of students’ creative abilities, encourages physical education and sports, and educates genuine personalities. The page "Chronicles of the CNTU" will provide an opportunity to recall the brightest moments from the life of students and employees of the Chernihiv National Technological University. Welcome to our unique resource "Unique Chernihiv area"!

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