Collected works by lecturers of ChNUT

Berdnik, I. V. (2019). Kryminalno-pravova okhorona vodnykh resursiv: teoretychni ta prykladni zasady [Criminal law protection of water resources: theoretical and applied principles]. Kyiv : Dakor.

The monograph provides a comprehensive study of the theoretical and applied foundations of the criminal protection of water resources, proposes changes to legislative acts aimed at ensuring the integrity of the criminal legal protection of water resources. Particular attention is paid to water resources as an object of criminal protection, the criminal-law aspects of the mechanism of harming water resources, the historical and comparative-legal aspects of criminal responsibility for encroachment on water resources, the composition of these crimes are analyzed. In addition, the issues of qualification of crimes affecting water resources and their delimitation among themselves, as well as with other offenses are investigated. Measures of a criminal nature for crimes affecting water resources are considered, analysis of the court practice of application of the law on criminal liability in the sphere of water resources protection is carried out.

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a meeting with the science fiction writer Max Strix will take place in the library. He has a historical and seminary education. He spent more than 10 years in Latin America. He worked as a national director of an international university, a lecturer in philosophy and religious studies. He lived in the Amazon rainforest, among the Native American tribes, and in the Andean highlands. He has traveled extensively across the North America and the Caribbean.

The author invites you to the presentation of his new book, which combines elements of social, science and combat fiction:

Strix, M. (2019). Uteriannii talant [Lost talent]. Kyiv: Zelenyi pes.

The measured life of the Eternal Unity was broken by an unprecedented shock. The Enemy attacked the civilization of sentient beings who had already forgotten about wars and killings. In an effort to seize the enemy’s resources, he captures one after another planet with inhabitants unprepared for defense. Has eternal civilization ended? An intergalactic transporter arrives from a remote province with Unity's last hope aboard - a teenage girl. Born already in the war, on the planet captured by the Enemy, she is ready to fight them. If only the stars helped her. And own people - having learned - did not shoot in the back.

You can read an excerpt from the book here.

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New issue of “BIBLIOCURIER” was released

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The new issue of our newsletter contains information on periodicals pre-paid for 2020.

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