Calendar of significant and memorable dates. April 18

/Files/images/bevz/памятки.jpgOn April 18, the world community celebrates the International Day for Monuments and Sites.

The International Day for Monuments and Sites is aimed at raising public awareness of the diversity of cultural heritage, its vulnerability and the need for effective efforts to preserve it for future generations.

Virtual exhibition of literature from the Fund of the Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology.

Visiting the university library

On April 11, a meeting of the 10th grade pupils of the secondary school No. 16 with the archaeologist, scientist and ethnographer Ihor Mikhailovych Ignatenko was held at the Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology (Building 1, Shevchenko Street, 95).

/Files/images/chntu/IMG_5050.JPGThe scholar told about the history of the area where Chernihiv National University of Technology is located and about the archaeological finds connected with this part of the city.

Moreover, those present learned about interesting historical figures that at different times lived on this territory and got acquainted with the city legends dedicated to these people.

/Files/images/chntu/IMG_5038.JPGThe story of the regional specialist was supplemented with an exhibition of literature from the library's funds on the conversation subject.

Before the beginning of the meeting, participants were invited to take part in the biblioquest, during which the high school students obtained useful skills in searching the information in the electronic catalog of the Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology and got acquainted with the library's reference fund. According to the results of the library, the participants received incentive prizes.

/Files/images/bibliokurer/бк117.jpgThe next issue of Bibliocourier has been published

The scientific library of Chernihiv National University of Technology issues a regional professional publication - Bibliocourier Information Bulletin.

In the first issue of this year, the following materials are offered to readers:

  • New requirements for the thesis
  • Licensing of works using Creative Commons licenses
  • On the pages of the history of Chernihiv Region. The National Architectural and Historical Reserve "Chernihiv the Ancient"
  • We advise you to read. Anniversary Books of 2017

We invite you to learn more!

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. April 12

On this day, in 1961, Soviet citizen Major Yuri Gagarin for the first time in the world orbited the Earth on the spacecraft Vostok, opening the era of manned spaceflight.

Striking successes of cosmonautics are a natural result of the selfless labour of many thousands of people, dozens of labour collectives who are doing their best for the progress of the space industry. According to the decision of the International Aviation Federation, April 12 is celebrated as World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day.

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/12aprilb.jpgIn Ukraine, this Day is called Day of Workers of the Missile and Space Industry of Ukraine and is enshrined in the Decree of the President of Ukraine since March 13, 1997, No. 230/97 of its celebration, in accordance with it is held annually on April 12. The success of Soviet cosmonautics is connected with the name of a brilliant man - Ukrainian scientist, designer Serhiy Pavlovych Koroliov.

Ukraine has become a part of the world cosmic states on account of the developed scientific and production potential of the space industry, inherited from the Soviet Union it has left almost a third of the space industrial potential created during the 40-year participation of Ukrainian enterprises in all major Space projects. Pavel Popovych is the first man in space of Ukrainian origin. Leonid Kadeniuk became the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine, who deployed a yellow-blue flag on the orbital station. How do they celebrate it in Chernihiv?

The library recommends: books on space from the Fund of the Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology.

Calendar of significant and memorable events. April 7

On April 7, the international community celebrates World Health Day.

/Files/images/bevz/world-health-day-1.jpg This holiday was established in honour of the creation of the World Health Organization. Having occurred in 1948, this organization united representatives of 191 states of the world in its ranks. The first celebration took place in 1950. Even then, the global idea of the event was to promote healthy lifestyles and combat the spread of various diseases. Annually for the official events devoted to the day of health, a separate topic is selected: activity of life, protection of pregnancy, climate impact on human health, medical care for people affected by emergencies, etc. This year its topic is Depression: Let's Talk.

We invite you to view a thematic selection of literature on World Health Day from the Fund of the National Library of the Chernihiv National University of Technology.

School of Library Innovation

On April 5, 2017 a scientific and practical seminar of librarians of Chernihiv National University of Technology took place.

The next meeting of the School of Library Innovation was devoted to the editorial and publishing activities of the library.

Within the framework of the event, 6 informative reports were heard:

The Path of Life by Nikolai Koshel

We invite you to visit the exhibition!

Філософія життя. Мистецтво Кошеля М.Я. In the reading room of the Scientific Library (building 1, Shevchenko St., 95), a personal exhibition of painting and graphics The Path of Life by Nikolai Yakovlevich Koshel (1925-2016) was opened.

The art critic, the chairman of Chernihiv organization of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, the active public figure Viktor Nikolaievich Velichko told about the artist's creative and life path, suggested to follow the path that the artist showed in his works - sensual, deeply emotional and sincere.

Nikolai Koshel, having devoted his whole life to painting, managed to show a bold and very captivating figurative vision of the world, to convey his opinion and mood.

Visit the library and familiarize yourself with works by Nikolai Koshel!

Press digest "Bibliography - a look into the future"

For librarians

We offer to view the press release of the fourth-digest dedicated to bibliographic library activities. The collection includes articles from foreign scientific publications periodical.

Department of Information and Bibliographic Work

Library essay with coffee taste

Between 14-17 of September, in last, summer like warm days the VII Lviv Library Forum "Modern Library in a changing world." took place in one of Ukraine`s most wonderful cities.

The forum was organized by Ukrainian Library Association, NGO "Forum of Publishers", and the Scientific Library of Lviv National University. Ivan Franko Lviv Regional Library for Children, with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the assistance of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Managers and leading library professionals, scientists, academics, publishers, authors, members and partners of the Ukrainian Library Association traditionally gather in Lviv for the seventh successive year, to communicate, exchange experiences, actively participate in the discussion of library activities in a new dimension, to share new ideas, create new projects. Experts from the National Library of Poland, Belarus, Moldova, and Lithuania attended the library forum. In total there were more than 150 people.

Scientific library of CNUT was represented by N. A. Karpenko, the head of the Department. Additional info is available here...


Happy Educators' Day!

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/з днем освіти.jpgThis holiday is a particular one since it has to do with each person's life, his or her education, becoming a personality.

On account of teacher`s efforts a future of our region and the whole country is created. We wish you good health, inspiration and well-being for your families, the successful realizations of the plans.

May all the problems and confusions pass you by, and the fate enriches vital energy, inspiration and present joy!

Sincerely, the Scientific Library of CNUT

The Calendar Of Remarkable And Memorable Events. September 12

This day marks 95 years since the birth of Stanislaw Lem.

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/лем.jpg A prominent science fiction writer of Jewish origin, author of novels, satirist, philosopher and futurist Stanislaw Lem was born on Monday, September 12, 1921 in Lviv (str. Lepky, 4). The most popular Polish writer according to the number of languages (about 40!), whose works has been translated.

Read more: “ the " fantastic "soul" from Lviv"

  • "Ignorance of the day of my death makes me almost immortal."
  • "A question is always a desire to understand."
  • "Nowadays it is very dangerous to be a man."
  • •"We do not want to conquer space; we only seek to extend its boundaries to the Earth." Stanislaw Lem

Cordial Congratulations from the Staff of the Scientific Library!

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/1-вересня.jpgDear teachers, students, the staff of Chernihiv National University of Technology CUNT!

Congratulations on the start of the new academic year and the Knowledge Day! We wish you all good health; for students we wish an inexhaustible energy in obtaining new knowledge, and for teachers –energy in hard daily work. May the holiday be heartwarming and bring good mood in every family!

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/Презентация1.jpg Ukraine's Independence Day

August 24, all Ukraine, all the Ukrainian people celebrate the great holiday - the 25th anniversary of the proclamation of independence, when the age-old dream of our ancestors came true- to be masters of their rich, beautiful Ukrainian soil.

On account of the Independence Day of Ukraine Scientific Library of CHNTU has prepared:

Thematic Web browser:

Holidays of Ukrainian people

Holy Savior Feast Day has prepared everything in store!

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/спаси 1.jpgAugust is the most generous and fruitful month of the year, and on this month favorite holidays are celebrated popularly.

The first is called the Honey Spas or Makoveev that is celebrated on August 14. On Honey Spas day churches commemorate Salomeia and her seven sons Maccabees killed for their faith. Ukrainians sanctify special bouquets “Maccabees” flowers with poppy heads, marigold, mint, calendula, thyme. This holiday is called Honey Spas since at that time people collect honey from the hives.

August 19 is the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, or the Second Savior Feast. It is celebrated as the memory of the great event in Christ`s life, when He reveled His divine essence to His followers. On this feast according to the ancient custom people sanctify pears, apples, honey, wreaths or a bundle of ears of rye and wheat. Therefore, they call this day Apple Spas [Transfiguration Day].

The Third Savior Feast Day is celebrated on August 29. On this day, we honor the transfer from Edessa to Constantinople Ubrus, our Lord Jesus Christ`s image on was reflected the cloth. People call it Bread or Nut Spas, because its celebration time coincides with the end of the harvest period and collection of hazelnuts. That is why the main dish on the Nut Spas is a festive loaf of fresh bread. Surely, at that day they put honey, apples and nuts on tables as well.

You can read further about the traditions and customs of Ukrainian people in the books from the Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology (CUNT).

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Heading: Research support
  • Pedagogics: specialized scientific publications in the national and international scientometric, abstract databases.
  • Biology: specialized scientific publications in the national and international scientometric, abstract databases.
  • Chemistry: specialized scientific publications in the national and international scientometric, abstract databases.

To the attention of poetry lovers!

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/на.jpgThe Scientific Library presents a poetry collection “On the wings of inspiration”.

This publication is a creative output of students as well as of the faculty, staff and the alumni of Chernihiv National University of Technology participating in the Literary Studio “Snowdrop” and the creative studio “Gaudeamus”.

The publication is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the education establishment.

To get the poetry collection please contact the Editing and Publishing Department of the University (building 1, room 310).

Contacts: 3 m -03-30; 3-40-79; 063-36-37-366.


The EU Information Centre

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/есукр.jpgMay 24 the EU Information Centre is opened at the Chernihiv National University of Technology. Jurgis Vilcinskas (Yurgis Vilchinskas), Head of Press and Communication at the EU Delegation in Ukraine was present at the opening ceremony. From now on, everyone can visit the Scientific Library of CHUNT to get acquainted with the documents, basic information about the European Union policy.

The European Union: History, Present and Future” – where a selection of references to the sites that most substantially reveals the information about the European Union, its history and the relationship with Ukraine.

New on website!

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/фрон.jpgScientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology introduces:

Virtual book exhibition “Germany: From the Past to the Present”;

Themed web browser “Window to Germany”.

The Calendar Of Remarkable And Memorable Events

/Files/images/bibliograf_2/Слайд2.JPGMay 8 -- The Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation

Our country officially marked this date for the first time last year and thus initiated a new tradition of celebrating May 8 and 9 in the European spirit of Remembrance and Reconciliation under the slogan “1939-1945. Remembering. Winning.”

Ukraine on May 9 celebrates the Day of the victory over Nazism in the World War II of 1939-1945.

On account of May holidays the Science Library staff of Chernihiv National University of Technology prepared a series of activities:

The Calendar Of Remarkable And Memorable Events

/Files/images/bibliograf/чернобыль дд.jpg 2016 is declared as the Year of honoring liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station and commemorating the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster

April 26 – a Day of Remembrance of the largest man-made disaster and of the heroism of the firefighters, military personnel, builders, scientists and physicians who participated in the liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident. 30 years have passed since the Chernobyl tragedy, but the act of bravery of these people is eternally recorded in the memorial of human courage, it will remain forever in memory of Ukrainian people.

Scientific Library CHNTU made a virtual book exhibition titled “Chernobyl is your burning pain, Ukraine” and the digest “In memory of Chernobyl heroic workers”.

A Library Collaboration

At the request of the Scientific Library of Donetsk National Technical University, which is currently being evacuated to Krasnoarmeysk, Donetsk region, scientific library of CHNTU with the help of volunteer charitable foundation "Wings of the Phoenix" Irina Timofeeva selected and sent 58 titles of educational and scientific literature.

March 24 by e-mail the Director of our library Tatarenko LS received a letter: "Good afternoon, dear Lena Romanova! We got Your book exchange fund. It was a great opportunity for us to replenish our funds. Thank You for understanding our situation and for the charities, which helped to get the parcel." Sincerely, Anna Petrova, the Director of NTB DonNTU».

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