The electronic catalog of the library is a modern and flexible form of electronic search of information about the publication.

Electronic catalog is a systematized database of bibliographic records for all kinds of documents of the library collection (paper, electronic, audio, video) that is made available readers available around the clock via the Internet and is updated in real time.

The electronic catalog combines the functions of traditional (alphabetical, systematic, subject, topographical) card catalogs and library files, provides high-quality, operational, multidisciplinary information search and provides it in a convenient form: viewing search results on the monitor screen, presenting in printed form as a list documents or by storing as an electronic document on any type of electronic information holder.

The thematic range of electronic library catalog includes all areas of professional training of students and subjects of scientific research that take place at the university. By using the Electronic Catalog Database, readers can make simple and advanced information searches. The user navigator is familiar with the search rules of the Electronic Catalog of the Scientific Library of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

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