The best vacation is a journey!

This time, the staff of our library went for new impressions in the Ripkinsky district of the Chernihiv region.

First, we visited the historical and memorial museum of Sofia Rusova. The world-famous Ukrainian public activist, an outstanding teacher, historian, writer, publisher was born in the village of Oleshnya.

The local historian inspiredly talked about the life and work of our countrywoman. More information is on the resource of the library of the ChNUT "Unique Chernihiv".

Then we were invited to visit the oldest potter of Ukraine, Ivan Ivanovich Bibik, Honored Master of Folk Art. Ivan Ivanovich was born in Oleshnya in 1925, went through World War II, came to Berlin. Despite his age, he is a very open, sincere person. Communicating with him is a pleasure.

Our weekend ended with a picnic on the Blue Lakes, a popular holiday destination not only of Chernihiv citizens, but also for tourists from other areas and even countries (!).

Transparent water, silent pines, clean air help restore mental and physical strength. More photos

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