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The works of the teachers of CNTU

Shishkina, O. V. Money and Credit: Workshop: manual / O. V. Shishkin, M.V. Dubina. - Chernihiv: O. Brahinets, 2017. - 273 p.

The manual is aimed at developing students' practical skills in the theory of money and credit, assimilating the laws of their functioning and development. The manual consists of thirteen topics, each of which contains control questions, topics for individual work, test tasks, sums, problem situations and discussion issues and other exercises related to real economic processes in the state and the most important events in the development of the financial market of Ukraine, elaboration of which will allow to deepen the level of knowledge on discipline.

Actual problems of the formation and development of the informational economy in Ukraine: a collective monograph / S. M. Shcarlet, O. I. Gonta, A. V. Rogovyi and others. - Chernihiv: O. Braginets, 2017. - 291 pp .: Il.

The monograph includes a set of scientific positions of the leading university scientists regarding the transformations of the national economic system in the context of the formation of the informational economy. These are the problems of the theory of information economy, modifications of social and financial relations of economic entities and relations of institutionalization of public and private partnership, etc.

Economical maintenance of an enterprise: manual./ S.M. Shkarlet, Zh. V. Deriy, V.G. Margasova, T. І. Zosymenko; under supervision of S. M. Shkarlet. -Chernihiv: CNTU, 2017. - 205 с. : іл.

The manual describes theoretical and methodical aspects of economic security of an enterprise as a system of multiplicity at the same time single and correlated functional components. The proposed manual on the structure and content corresponds to the educational-professional program of bachelor's training in the direction 051 "Economics" in the discipline "Economic security of the enterprise". To consolidate the theoretical bases of the course is facilitated by the availability of tests in the manual, situational tasks, questions for discussion and the list of topics of scientific works. For convenience, the dictionary of basic terminology is given. This publication is intended for students of economic specialties in higher educational establishments, post-graduate students, teachers, all who are interested in problems of economic security of the enterprise.

Lashuk, N. M. Mediacompetence. Technologies and Strategies: manual for student, speciality 075 - Marketing / N. M. Lashuk. - Chernihiv: CNTU, 2017. - 117 p. : il

Training Manual "Media Competence. Technologies and Strategies" consists of a introduction, the Concept on the Implementation of Media Education in Ukraine, the curriculum of the special course, theoretical and practical sections, tasks for independent work on the development of skills of critical and creative thinking, the bibliographic list and applications. The proposed material is devoted to the problem of definition of the concepts of "media", "media education", "media competence", "critical thinking", analysis of the structure of mediacompetence and its components. The author's practical tasks are aimed at developing the media competency of future marketing professionals. The manual is intended for teachers of higher education institutions, graduate students, students, teachers and a wide audience interested in media education issues.

Eurointegration vector of Ukraine: the direction of socio-economic development: monograph / S. M. Shcarlet, V. F. Savchenko, A. I. Melnyk and others. ; under the congregation ed. of V.F. Savchenko, T. L. Shestakovskyi. - Chernihiv: CNTU, 2017. - 349 p. : il

The monograph examines the problems of socio-economic development of Ukraine at the present stage in the context of European integration processes, which are decisive in the state. Particular attention is paid to investing in innovative development, the impact of globalization processes on the state economy, the use of international experience of regionalism, the development of industries, corporations and entrepreneurship, the state and prospects of the social sphere. Proposals for a comprehensive overcoming of problems are provided and grounded.

Regulation of social and labor relations: the current state and prospects of development: a collective monograph / M.V. Gazuda, L.N. Gazuda, S.S. Kyslynskyi and others. ; under the congregation ed. of I. I. Kichko. - Nizhyn: Orchid, 2017. - 257 pp. : il

The collective monograph analyzes the problems of regulating social and labor relations. Measures to form the system of relations in the field of labor, human capital are considered. The urgent issues of motivation of work, personnel management, formation of its structure, improvement of socio-psychological climate are revealed.

Production Development Planning: Theory and Practice: Teaching. manual for students of economic specialty in higher educational establishment / I. I. Kychko, E. Y. Sakhno, S. I. Ponomarenko and others. - Nizhyn: Orchid, 2017. - 380 p.

The training manual provides the main principles of planning for the development of modern production, used in the management of innovation and investment projects and programs. The basic principles of strategic, tactical and operational planning, as well as issues of management and motivation of personnel for project implementation in the organization are presented. The manual is intended for students of economic specialties, scientists and postgraduate students in the relevant field of study.

Nikolayenko, Y. V. Financial safety of the banking sector of Ukraine: theory, methodology, practice: monograph / Y. V. Nikolayenko. - Kyiv: Condor, 2016. - 254 p. : il

The monograph covers current problems of providing financial security to the banking sector. The banking sector is considered as an ordered system of elements (credit institutions, central bank), linked by common goals of functioning, which maintain stable relationships between themselves and the exogenous environment and ensure the sustainable development of the national economy. The main attention is paid to the structural and functional concept of ensuring the financial security of the banking sector of Ukraine as a set of three main blocks: the formation, direct implementation and development of the strategy, identifying the goals, objectives, essence and sequence of development modeling actions taking into account the needs and requirements of the exogenous environment to ensure stability in banking sector. The monograph is intended for scientists, specialists who take decisions in the field of formation of a strategy for providing financial security to the banking sector, lecturers, postgraduates, masters and students of economic universities.

Innovation Management: Teach. manual / M.P. Butko, I. M. Butko, M.Y. Ditkovska and others. ; under the congregation ed. of M.P. Butko. - Kyiv: Center for Educational Literature, 2017. - 494 p. : il

The manual explores the peculiarities of innovative activity management based on the accumulated experience and modern theoretical material. The readers are offered the most widespread and time-tested tools of the modern stage of innovation management development, the application of which will help to intensify innovation processes at the enterprise level and realization of innovative potential of the region and the country as a whole. The presented illustrated material in the form of drawings, diagrams and tables contributes to a deeper understanding and mastering of material on program disciplines "Fundamentals of Information Management", "Management of Innovative Activities at the Enterprise", as well as "State Regulation of Innovation Activity".

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. December 15th

On the basis of the Presidential Decree No. 1318/2000 of 12.08.2000, an annual professional holiday was set up - Day of court employees: "Taking into account the role of courts in ensuring the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, in affirming the rule of law and development and strengthening Ukraine as a democratic, rule of law state I resolve: Establish a professional holiday in Ukraine - the Day of Workers of the Court, which is celebrated annually on December 15.

"According to the art. 124 of the Constitution of Ukraine is carried out exclusively by the courts. Jurisdiction of the courts extends to all legal relations in the state. Further improvement of the judicial system will contribute to the establishment of a strong and fair court, strengthening its authority. The Scientific Library offers the readers a virtual exhibition of literature "Judicial System of Ukraine".

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. December 14th

December 14, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Honored Members of the Chernobyl Accident Aftermath - The Victory Day and the Great Thanksgiving to fighters with an imminent radiation hazard that hangs over humanity from the April night of 1986.

To this memorable date the department of informational and bibliographic work prepared a digest "In memory of the heroes-workers of the Chernobyl epic".

Thematic Web Navigator:

International Mountains Day

International MountainsDay is an international holiday set by the UN General Assembly. It is celebrated every year on December 11, since 2003.

This summer, our librarian Lyudmyla Solovey visited Ukrainian Carpathians and shared her impressions of the journey: "Carpathians are fabulous wonderful mountains covered with picturesque forests, swift rocky peaks with incredible heights, silk grasslands of the valleys and endless tracks of herds, stormy river flows, lakes and water lilies, springs with healing water, blue sky and crystal clear air. Carpathians are the greatness and beauty of nature, unforgettable impressions, the impossibility to remain indifferent and the best place for vacation! "

We invite you to view photos in the album “World with librarians eyes. Ukraine. Carpathians.”

Nobel Day

Nobel's Day is the annual Nobel Prize award, which takes place on December 10 in Stockholm. The Nobel Prize is awarded in accordance with the will of Alfred Nobel, dated November 27, 1895, and envisaged the allocation of capital for awarding prizes in five areas: physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine, literature and contribution to the cause of peace around the world.

We offer a virtual exhibition of literature from the Library of Science Library: "Recognized by the World".

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. December 6th

The Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was established by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 1993. This holiday is celebrated annually on December 6th - on the day of the adoption in 1991 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

To this memorable date, the library prepared a virtual exhibition "The History of the Ukrainian Army".

The Scientific Library invites to the opening of an art exhibition

/Files/images/chntu/натура.jpgAuthors Reference:

Andriy Sagaydachny was born on July 14, 1991 in Chernihiv. Since Andriy was a little boy he was attracted to art. Already from 12 years he was enthusiastically attending Chernihiv Art School and was a student of V.A. Natalushko, then L. Gulchak in the watercolor studio. At the end of high school number 29 in 2008, Andriy entered the higher educational institution, at Chernihiv National Pedagogical University, at the Faculty of Primary Education and Fine Arts. At the university, Andriy met many of his followers, they often painted in a studio and went to the open air. There was more than once that Andriy stayed in the studio tonight, sharpening his technique. Mentors and an example for imitation at the University for Andriy were: Yemets V.V., Mykhailyuk V.V., Morsky D. D., Matveitseva G.

The works of Volodymyr Kravchenko not only reflect the world around us, but also surprise art connoisseurs with their unordinary character, often applying improvisation in them in portraits and still lives. Volodymyr Kravchenko was born in Chernihiv on June 21, 1988. In 2004 he graduated from Chernihiv Children's Art School, was a student of Krip then Chernigov National Taras Shevchenko Pedagogical University, specializing in Primary Eduction and Fine Arts. He studied painting from well-known Chernihiv artists: E. Krip, V. Mikhailyuk, G. Matveytsova, L. Koydan. Young non-standard artist is constantly in creative search, works in different genres, tests various techniques, styles, experiments, Volodymyr Kravchenko is a supporter of so-called open painting.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. December 5th

International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (World Volunteer Day).

In Ukraine, volunteering appeared in the early 90's, and officially recognized by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 10, 2003, which also approved the "Regulation on Volunteer Activity in the Sphere of Provision of Social Services". Volunteering has been spreading recently in Ukraine. This is due to the aggravation of political and social problems, the imperfection of the provision of appropriate services to the most vulnerable segments of the population. Volunteers are important for society, because they work without benefit to themselves, helping citizens in difficult situations, without obtaining for this material warrant.

Thematic list of literature from the funds of the "Volunteer Activity" Library will be useful to anyone interested in this issue, as well as to psychologists, teachers, students of the Faculty of Social Work.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. December 3

On this day was born Gregoryi Savich Skovoroda (November 22 (December 3) 1722 - October 29 (November 9), 1794) - Ukrainian educator-humanist, philosopher, poet, and educator.

Grigoryi Skovoroda was so extraordinary and versatile personality that enlightened Ukrainians called him threir "Pythagoras", "Ukrainian Socrates", "valley Lomonosov". As for the memory of the people, according to the testimony of the historian M. I. Kostomarov, it was not enough to indicate such people as Skovoroda was and who would have so remembered and respected the Ukrainian people.

We invite you to overview the material published in the newsletter "Bibliocourier" to the 295th anniversary of the birth of a great Ukrainian: A brief overview of the life of Gregoryi Skovoroda by the pages of books and periodicals from the fund of the Scientific Library of the CNTU.

The next issue of the "Bibliocurrier" is ready

The Scientific Library of CNTU publishes a regional professional edition - the Newsletter "Bibliocourier".

In the new issue, readers are offered the following materials:

  • Free access to SCOPUS database resources
  • School of Library Innovation
  • Scientific library invites to the seminar
  • Scientific Library Website: Popular Pages
  • Grigoryi Skovoroda: a brief overview of the life of the pages of books and periodicals
  • Ukrainian library day - 2017, or Our journey to Pereyaslav
  • New Ukrainian and foreign literature

We recommend reading!

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. December 1

World AIDS Day was first celebrated December 1, 1988 initiated by the World Health Organization, after the meeting of Ministers of Health of all the countries sounded the call for social tolerance and the exchange of information on HIV and AIDS.

Since then, the World AIDS Day has been celebrated annually. His main goal is to draw the attention of society to this problem.

World AIDS Day has become one of the most recognized international health days and important opportunity to raise awareness about the disease and its prevention.

Be careful, value and save every unique moment of your life! We advise to enjoy an interactive exhibition "Choose life!".

Memorial Day of Holodomor Victims

The Holodomor of 1932-1933 is a terrible event in the history of human civilization, which left in Ukraine not only millions of nameless burials, but also a terrible spiritual ruin. As a tragedy, the scale of which is impossible to comprehend, hunger injured a nation, leaving on its body the deep social, psychological scars it wears to this day.

"A candle lit" - an action that takes place on the Day of Holodomor Victims' Remembrance, that is, every 4th of November each year. Traditionally, at 16:00, the memory of those killed during the genocide of the Ukrainian people is celebrated with a minute of silence and set up a lit candle on the window sill.

In 2017, the memory of victims of the Holodomor falls on November 25th.

The scientific library offers: a virtual book exhibition "Remember Holodomor ...".

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. Nov. 21

Day of Prosperity and Freedom

The decree on the celebration of the Day of Dignity and Freedom was signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on November 13, 2014. According to the decree, the holiday is set "for the purpose of establishing the ideals of freedom and democracy in Ukraine, preserving and communicating objective and future generations of objective information about the fateful events in Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century, as well as paying due respect to the patriotism and courage of citizens who fall In 2004 and in November 2013 - February 2014, they defended democratic values, human rights and freedoms, national interests of our country and its European choice ... ".

Unity and freedom make us worthy descendants of our parents! We will be honored to preserve and protect this invaluable treasure! May God protect us all and glory to him for this beautiful country - Ukraine!

The Scientific Library of the CSTU welcomes the national holiday and offers the virtual exhibition "Chronicles of the Maidan" to the readers.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. November 19th

Every year on the third Sunday of November there is the Day of Agricultural Workers in Ukraine. This holiday, dedicated to all the country's farmers, was founded in 1993. Then the president of Ukraine signed a decree on the establishment of a professional holiday for all agricultural workers, as well as enterprises engaged in the processing of agricultural raw materials and food production.

The agricultural sector for the Ukrainian state has always been one of their priority areas for development of both the foreign and domestic economy of the country. It depends on the agricultural workers that we will eat tomorrow and how these products will affect our health and life. Scientific library congratulates all the agrarians with their holiday!

We offer to get acquainted with new collections of literature on agriculture.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. November 16th

The International Day of Philosophy - a holiday that is celebrated on the third Thursday of November, since 2002, under the UNESCO regulations. Since 2005, this event has been renamed World Philosophy Day. This day is celebrated in more than 70 UNESCO member countries around the world. In Ukraine, since 2006, when the international scientific symposium dedicated to this day was held for the first time on November 16 at the Kyiv University.

On the occasion of the World Philosophy Day, the Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences offers a virtual book exhibition "The Thinkers of the Past", which presents the works of prominent philosophers from the time of antiquity to the present. We hope that this will be interesting for a wide range of readers who are concerned with the eternal questions of the meaning of being and comprehension of the truth.

World Science Day

World Science Day (fully World Science Day for Peace and Development) is an international holiday. It is celebrated annually on November 10th.

We sincerely congratulate the scientists of CNTU, post-graduate students, students and all who make an intellectual contribution to the development of modern science with a professional holiday! We wish inspiration, creative success, new discoveries to the glory of Science and Ukraine!

We offer a thematic review of literature, which consists of three parts: at the beginning of the review, the attention is paid to well-known scholars, and the history of the development of science in Ukraine continues to be covered. The review concludes literature devoted to the methodology of scientific research, sponsored by the scientists of Chernihiv National Technological University.

Thematic web navigator of resources of the Scientific Library of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine:

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. November 9th

On November 9, on the day of commemoration of the Rev. Nestor-Chronicler, our country celebrates the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language. This holiday was initiated by the Decree of the President of Ukraine in 1997 in support of the initiative of public organizations.

Without a native language, no one can feel as a part of his people, his history and culture. It is the language of the soul of the nation, a peculiar genetic code; because in its depths cultural heritage was born, which the Ukrainian people can be proud of.

The Library opened a new section on the website "Improving our Ukrainian!" On the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language. We offer to study, preserve and nurture our native language together.

We invite you to view virtual exhibitions of literature from the funds of the Scientific Library:

School of Library Innovation

November 8, a scientific and practical seminar of librarians of Chernihiv National Technological University took place.

The regular meeting of the School of Library Innovation was devoted to the use of modern information and communication technologies in the work of libraries.

During the event, 5 informative reports were heard:

  • Efficient use of network resources to increase the index of citations: ORCID + IRChNUT (Ilchenko I., Head of Department)
  • Modern user of the library: information environment and informational behavior (Luzina N., Head of the sector)
  • Modern trends in the field of information provision of science and education (Deineka T., Head of the sector)
  • The system of advertising and information activities of the library. Library propaganda. Methodology of organizing exhibitions of literature (Shkrebko I., Head of Department)
  • Using online surveys in library practice (Baryshpolets I., Head of the Department)

Shot Renaissance

Shot Renaissance - a literary and artistic generation from the 1920's and early 1930's in Ukraine, which produced highly productive works in the field of literature, painting, music, theater and destroyed by the totalitarian regime of Stalin.

The term "Shot Renaissance" was first proposed by Diaspora literary critic Yuriy Lavrinenko, using it as the title of a collection of the best texts of poetry and prose of the 1920s and 1930s. During this decade (1921-1931), Ukrainian culture managed to compensate for a three hundred year lag, and even outweigh the influence of the homeland other cultures, Russian in particular (by October 1, 1925 there were 5,000 writers in Ukraine).

The main components of the modern elite, its view was revolt, autonomy of thought and sincere faith in their own ideals. Most of these were intellectuals who relied on the personality, not on the mass.

The totalitarian regime felt its defeat and began to operate by forbidden methods: repression, default, crushing criticism, arrests, executions. The beginning of the massive destruction of the Ukrainian intelligence is May 1933, when the arrest of Mikhail Yalovoy and suicide of Mykola Khvylyovyi were held on the 12th to 13th of the year.

The culmination of the Soviet repressive regime was November 3, 1937. Then, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Great October, Les Kurbas, M. Kulish, M. Yavorsky, V. Chekhovsky, V. Podmogylny, P. Filippovich, V. Polischuk, G. Epik, and others were shot dead in the Solovetsky special purpose camp. M. Irchan, M. Voronyi, M. Kozorys, O. Slisarenko, M. Yalovy and others. In general, in one day, according to the decision of the non-judicial bodies, over 100 people were executed by representatives of the Ukrainian intelligence - the color of the Ukrainian nation.

Internet navigator:

  • "Resurrection of the Shattered Renaissance" is a cycle of author's plots devoted to the life and work of famous art figures who, despite the brutal repression of the authorities, did everything to preserve the achievements of Ukrainian literature.
  • Shattered Renaissance – is an unknown story of writers from declassified archives.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. November 5th

Every year, on the first Sunday of November, a Social Worker Day is celebrated in Ukraine.

This holiday is a testimony to the high evaluation of the role of the state employees, who provide daily implementation of the state policy on social protection, employment, organization of payment and safety of labor, labor relations.

Congratulations to all social workers on a professional holiday! We wish you health, inexhaustible vitality, human appreciation for your not easy, noble work.

A virtual exhibition of literature has been prepared for the Social Worker Day by the Scientific Library. Have a look and enjoy!

The Scientific Library offers free access to Scopus database resources

The Ministry of Education and Science has ensured the connection of more than 100 Ukrainian universities and research institutions to the Ministry of Education and Science to the international scientific databases Scopus and Web of Science at the expense of the state budget.

"In Ukraine, only a few of the largest higher educational establishments could afford access to these resources at their own expense. The MES decided to change this situation and financially support a centralized subscription to enable as many scientists as possible to use such databases. The most popular in the scientific world are Web of Science and Scopus, which have become not just the bases of scientific publications and publications, but also information platforms that have many additional useful analytical services. It really is necessary for scientists to have high-quality resources for the search and analysis of information ", - said director of the department of scientific and technical development of the Ministry of Education and Science Dmitry Cheberkus.

"We proceeded from the necessity of reaching as many scholars: students, post-graduate scientific and pedagogical workers. And, in order to maximize the audience of users, have set a special additional condition. The institution having access has to provide it in the computer halls of its libraries to all interested persons - regardless of which institutions and institutions they represent ", - said the head of the department. He added that, in addition to providing access to the Elsevier (Scopus) and Clarivate Analytics (Web of Science) services companies, they agreed to hold seminars and trainings in Kyiv and regions, at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science. They will discuss how to improve the publication activity and quality of scientific articles, search for scientific publications for publications, and plan a scientific career. Additionally, these companies will streamline the profiles of Ukrainian universities and research institutions in the bases, which will allow to some extent increase their ratings and visibility on the world scientific map.

Scopus database resources are available since October 31, 2017 through October 31, 2018, from the University Network under this link.

For information on the materials and resources that will help you to use Scopus for maximum benefit and to index / index your journals / conferences in Scopus, visit the website of the Science Meter Database.

Halloween inthelibrary

For fans of terrible stories! Halloween is a borrowed, creepy holiday, which for some reason is beloved by our young people. So, let’s share this event. The Stephen King horror books perfectly complement the atmosphere of the holiday. We read and we are afraid of ourselves, and we offer our readers. More photos

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. October 28th

Day of the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi invaders is a holiday celebrated in Ukraine annually on October 28, on the day of the final expulsion of Nazi Germany and its allies during the Second World War beyond the boundaries of the modern territory of Ukraine.

The library offers the following materials to this memorable date:

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