Calendar of significant and memorable dates. February 25

Lesya Ukrainka, a prominent poet, writer, translator, fierce patriot, pride and beauty of the Ukrainian nation was born on this day (February 25, 1871 - August 1, 1913).

Her name is still in a blaze of people's love today. She was a man of exceptional courage and principle, spiritual beauty and artistic talent. Her talent was manifested in many varieties of literary work - poetry, dramaturgy, prose, literary criticism and journalism, translation work and folklore. Lesia's heart were burning with a special, sparkling love to her native Ukraine. She lived in Ukraine, fought for Ukraine, made her word for Ukraine.

As Ivan Franko said: "It is a talent of courage, though not devoid of feminine grace and tenderness ... Her poetry is the fiery appeal of the oppression under which Ukraine groans."

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