What do you know about Latvia?

On December 16, it was fun in the reading room of the library - the Latvian language, Latvian music, Latvian poetry sounded, even Latvian goodies smelled...

This is the Department of Tourism, Educational and Scientific Institute of Business, Environmental Management and Tourism, namely, Candidate of Economic Science, associate professor Alieshuhina N.O. and 4-year students organized the celebration of “Day of Latvia”. Why Latvia? Firstly, the history of Ukraine and Latvia is closely linked by a common past, and secondly ... - the real Latvian studies in the specialty “Tourism”!

Therefore, within the framework of the oral magazine, interesting facts from the history, culture and art of the independent, freedom-loving Baltic country were presented. The attendees learned that Latvia has the fastest Internet, that Latvian created jeans, that the traditional gifts of Latvians are gloves, and much more. In order to consolidate the knowledge gained, a Quiz was held between first-year and second-year students.

Future tourism industry experts were surprised by the high level of erudition and intelligence. Incredibly, but they even know the actor Ivars Kalniņš and the composer Raimonds Pauls! A close-knit team of “elders” won the competition with a slight advantage.

A very interesting event ended with a tea treat and Latvian delicacies that were cooked by the culinary masters - generous older students. Therefore, the event was a success!

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