Comprehensive educational event "Family Without Gender-Based Violence"

On December 12, a comprehensive educational event entitled “Family Without Gender-Based Violence” was held in the reading room of The Branch Department of Documents on the Social and Legal Sciences of the Scientific Library.

Students of the Faculty of Law, as well as the head of the Department of Civil, Commercial Law and Procedure, Inna Kolodii and the head of the Department of Criminal Law and Justice, Nataliia Kolomiiets, took part in this event.

The event consisted of several parts:

  • Information from Candidate of Juridical Science, Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Commercial Law and Process I. M. Kolodii on the topic “Implementation of international standards of violence in the legislation of Ukraine”.
  • Speeches by students of the PPR-161 group Illia Starenok and Mariia Levchenko on the issue of preventing and combating domestic violence (materials prepared by Vladyslavom Prorochenko (gr. KPR-162)
  • Interactive game “Family Without Gender-Based Violence”

A thematic book exhibition entitled “Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence” was also issued and a bibliographic review of “Domestic Violence” was offered.

This event was dedicated to International Human Rights Day. PHOTO REPORT

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