International Mountain Day is a holiday established by the UN General Assembly. It is celebrated annually on December 11, since 2003.

Ukraine is incredibly rich in natural resources, including mountain ranges.

Our librarians try to visit the Carpathian Mountains every year to gain positive impressions and a positive charge throughout the year.

At the end of the summer, we share our impressions of tourist trips: "The Carpathians are fabulous amazing mountains covered with picturesque forests; swift rocky peaks with incredible elevations, grass meadows and endless shepherd paths; turbulent river flows, lakes and waterfalls, healing springs water, azure and endless sky, and crystal clear air. The Carpathians are the greatness and beauty of nature, unforgettable impressions, the inability to remain indifferent and the best place to relax! "We invite you to see our photos from the album "The World through the Eyes of a Librarian. Ukraine. Carpathians".

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