The online project of the Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology "READING IS TRENDY!"

The scientific library provides for a new season: October 1, 2019 - April 30, 2020.

The conditions for participation are: register on the online reading board "READING IS TRENDY!" and offer your favorite books (author, title - required, short feedback - preferably, link to the e-library, picture - possibly). All guests have the opportunity to leave a comment about the book in the comments or like the review.

At the end of the project season, the winners will be awarded in 2 nominations: the most active participant (the one who recommends more books) and the most popular book (the one that gets more likes and comments). Winners will be awarded with prizes! We invite everyone to join us!

“During the last academic year, me, a student of the Faculty of Law of the Chernihiv National University of Technology, participated in an online project of the Scientific Library of our University "READING IS TRENDY!". On returning from vacation, I was informed that I am one of the winners of this project. I am very pleased to receive an award that I was unable to receive in time because it was abroad. I am proud of my university, which gives me the opportunity to develop and show my talents. Cool! Read - it's trendy!” Natalia Makogin, participant of the 2018-2019 season.

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