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If you dream of taking a break from the city's noisy bustle, being alone with nature, being filled with beauty and silence, then the wonderful village of Transcarpathia Synevyrska Polyana is just what you need. The village is located on the territory of Synevyr National Nature Park, with its incredible diversity of flora and fauna, dozens of rough rivers, healing mineral springs, picturesque mountain streams.

The most valuable treasure in the park is Lake Synevyr, the largest and deepest mountain lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians, which was created as a result of an earthquake about 10,000 years ago. Embraced by the romantic legends lake will not open its charms to everyone. So take your time before you leave this fabulous place having taken some good photos. In the evening, when the fog sits down on the surface of the lake with a fluffy blanket and gently hugs slender centuries-old fir trees, Synevyr becomes especially mystical, almost otherworldly.

The Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center belongs to the environmental facilities of the National Park. Having become prisoners of human greed and whim, having suffered from abuse, bears could never see the forest. The center became salvation for them. Here they are feeded, cared, provided with veterinary care. And what is most important, they move freely over a territory occupying 12 hectares and correspond to their naturel habitat.

The unique village of Kolochava with ten museums is located on the territory of the park. One of the most popular is the ethnographic open-air museum "Old Village". The buildings, as well as all the exhibits, once belonged to the inhabitants of the region. You can see how different layers of the population of Transcarpathia, people of different professions and nationalities lived 100-300 years ago.

It is possible to feel the grandeur of the Carpathians only by climbing high into the mountains. From the peaks of "The Inner Gorgans" mountain range amazing views are seen! Holding your breath, you can spend hours admiring the emerald velvet firs, listening to the silence, watching the silent dance of restless clouds...

You should also visit the village of Pylypets, ride a cable car, admire the beauty of the mountain range of Polonin Borzhava and the Shipit waterfall, taste a flavored banosh, try blackberry wine, pick mushrooms and blueberry, visit the ostrich and salmon farms. And what is more important - to get pleasant impressions and positive charge for the whole year! More photos

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