Roads of the native land

LNSTU librarians are active participants in tourist and local lore travels organized by the Chernigov Historical Museum named after A.Sh. V. Tarnovsky. This time we went on an excursion to the Koropsky district of the Chernigov region.

Korop is a small town with an ancient history. Old churches, streets with single-story houses have their own unique charm.

In the historical center of Korop there is a stone Ilyinsky church-fortress - a unique structure that combines secular, military and religious features. This is the only church of this type on the Left Bank. And what beautiful Assumption, Fedosievskaya and Ascension churches!

Very interesting was the visit to the memorial museum of NI Kibalchich in the restored family house. The exposition of the museum tells about the life and work of our fellow countryman, the inventor of the world's first jet aircraft, whose project he marked with a button on the wall of the prison cell, where he got after being arrested for taking part in the murder of Russian Emperor Alexander II. In the second room there is an exposition about achievements in the field of cosmonautics; Photos of 9 cosmonauts who studied at the Chernigov Military School. Among them is the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine LK Kadenyuk, who twice visited the memorial estate.

A pleasant end to our trip was an excursion to local agro-enterprises that grow agricultural crops using advanced technologies.

You can tell a lot about the small towns of our large area. But, as they say in the proverb: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times!".

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