Ukrainian genius Marchuk

"Ivan Marchuk is an artist on whom God's mercy stopped, perhaps he therefore often repeats:" I just write the voice of my soul. "Like all people with a rich inner world, he is plural, very philosophical, poignantly poetic, and the people's" . V. Yushchenko

For a month, the exhibition of the Ukrainian artist, the genius of modernity Ivan Marchuk, was on display at the "Plast-Art" museum. Chernihivtsy had a unique opportunity not only to see the master's creations, but also to communicate with him.

Ivan Marchuk is called the patriarch of the Ukrainian avant-garde, he is offered to be exhibited in the best halls of the world. By the way, the idea of creating the author's technique "plontanism" (from the Ukrainian word "plontata" - weave) arose in the artist in Chernigov, in picturesque Sednev.

Those who want to learn more about the life and work of Ivan Stepanchovich Marchuk, the library offers the following materials:

  • Berdnik, G. Virtual Values of Ivan Marchuk / G. Berdnik // International Tourism. - 2000. - No. 1. - P. 54-58. Ivan Marchuk. The artist-philosopher. The artist is a hard worker. He believes that a personal day of work is the greatest value given to a person by eternity.
  • Glazovyy A. The genius of my street [Art Ivan Marchuk] / A. Glazovyy // International tourism. - 2006. - No. 4. - P. 128-133. Skill-art critics, who like to hang short labels for artists, have long waved at him with a hand. The style of the great master can be called his own term Marcucasm.
  • Kuriko, V. Ivan Marchuk: Ukraine gives birth to the greatest talents, but does not care about them / V. Kuriko // Seven Days. - 2018. - No. 36. - P. 5. During the meeting in the museum, Ivan Marchuk told about his formation, rebelliousness and resentment towards Ukraine.
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