We invite everyone to opening of a personal exhibition of painting by Chernihiv artist Pavlenko Oleksandr Vasylovych, a participant of regional, all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions.

O.V. Pavlenko's works are stored in the Chernihiv Art Museum, as well as in other museums and private collections in Ukraine and abroad in 23 countries. The exhibition will feature around 40 canvases of the artist, as well as copies of graphic works painted during his military service in Afghanistan. A concert of teachers and students of the Chernihiv School of Arts under the Chernihiv Revutsky Music College will follow the opening of the exhibition.


Collected works by lecturers of ChNUT

Berdnik, I. V. (2019). Kryminalno-pravova okhorona vodnykh resursiv: teoretychni ta prykladni zasady [Criminal law protection of water resources: theoretical and applied principles]. Kyiv : Dakor.

The monograph provides a comprehensive study of the theoretical and applied foundations of the criminal protection of water resources, proposes changes to legislative acts aimed at ensuring the integrity of the criminal legal protection of water resources. Particular attention is paid to water resources as an object of criminal protection, the criminal-law aspects of the mechanism of harming water resources, the historical and comparative-legal aspects of criminal responsibility for encroachment on water resources, the composition of these crimes are analyzed. In addition, the issues of qualification of crimes affecting water resources and their delimitation among themselves, as well as with other offenses are investigated. Measures of a criminal nature for crimes affecting water resources are considered, analysis of the court practice of application of the law on criminal liability in the sphere of water resources protection is carried out.

To the attention of users: a series of virtual exhibitions "Collected works by lecturers of ChNUT".

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. February 15

Galileo Galilei was born on this day (February 15, 1564 - January 8, 1642) - an Italian Renaissance physicist, astronomer, mathematician, poet and literary critic, founder of classical mechanics, one of the founders of modern experimental-theoretical natural science.

We offer a bibliographic review of the literature "Representatives of the scientific elite", dedicated to a prominent scientist.


a meeting with the science fiction writer Max Strix will take place in the library. He has a historical and seminary education. He spent more than 10 years in Latin America. He worked as a national director of an international university, a lecturer in philosophy and religious studies. He lived in the Amazon rainforest, among the Native American tribes, and in the Andean highlands. He has traveled extensively across the North America and the Caribbean.

The author invites you to the presentation of his new book, which combines elements of social, science and combat fiction:

Strix, M. (2019). Uteriannii talant [Lost talent]. Kyiv: Zelenyi pes.

The measured life of the Eternal Unity was broken by an unprecedented shock. The Enemy attacked the civilization of sentient beings who had already forgotten about wars and killings. In an effort to seize the enemy’s resources, he captures one after another planet with inhabitants unprepared for defense. Has eternal civilization ended? An intergalactic transporter arrives from a remote province with Unity's last hope aboard - a teenage girl. Born already in the war, on the planet captured by the Enemy, she is ready to fight them. If only the stars helped her. And own people - having learned - did not shoot in the back.

You can read an excerpt from the book here.

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Calendar of significant and memorable dates. February 25

Lesya Ukrainka, a prominent poet, writer, translator, fierce patriot, pride and beauty of the Ukrainian nation was born on this day (February 25, 1871 - August 1, 1913).

Her name is still in a blaze of people's love today. She was a man of exceptional courage and principle, spiritual beauty and artistic talent. Her talent was manifested in many varieties of literary work - poetry, dramaturgy, prose, literary criticism and journalism, translation work and folklore. Lesia's heart were burning with a special, sparkling love to her native Ukraine. She lived in Ukraine, fought for Ukraine, made her word for Ukraine. As Ivan Franko said: "It is a talent of courage, though not devoid of feminine grace and tenderness ... Her poetry is the fiery appeal of the oppression under which Ukraine groans."

To the topic: literature from the fund of the Scientific Library of the ChNUT.

New issue of “BIBLIOCURIER” was released

The Scientific Library of ChNUT produces a regional professional publication - the Newsletter "BIBLIOCURIER"

The new issue of our newsletter contains information on periodicals pre-paid for 2020.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. February 10

130 years since the birth of Boris Pasternak (February 10, 1890 - May 30, 1960) - Russian poet, prose writer, translator. In his childhood, he dreamed of becoming a composer, composed and improvised on the piano. In his youth, he wanted to be a philosopher, taking lessons from the German neo-kantist Herman Cohen.

But fate decided otherwise: Boris Pasternak became a writer, and it was literature that earned him the 1958 Nobel Prize.

His works from the fund of the Scientific Library: virtual exhibition "World Literary Heritage".

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. January 29

160 years ago the world-renowned classic of world literature, Russian writer of Ukrainian origin Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born (1860-1904).

One of the most famous playwrights in the world, his works have been translated into more than 100 languages.

Interesting information:

We offer an exhibition of works by A.P. Chekhov from the fund of the Scientific Library of the ChNUT.


January 27 marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Ukraine at the state level honors the victims of the tragedy since 2012. The Greek Holocaust translates as “burnt offering” and means the systematic persecution and extermination (genocide) of Jews by Nazi Germany and collaborators during 1933-1945. It is officially recognized that 6,000,000 Jews were killed during the Holocaust, from 2.2 to 2.5 million of them in the territory of the former Soviet Union. In a broader sense, the Holocaust is the systematic persecution and destruction of people based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or genetic type identified as inferior, harmful.

The Library offers:

Chiger, K., Paisner, D. (2015). Divchynka u zelenomu svetri : zhyttia u morotsi Holokostu [The Girl in the Green Sweater: A Life in Holocaust's Shadow]. Kyiv: KM Publishing.

  • "The Girl in the Green Sweater" is a world-famous memoir by Krystyna Chiger, who survived the Holocaust in Lviv in 1943 only because her family with a small group of other Jews was able to escape into the sewers. For fourteen months, Polish Catholic Leopold Socha, a former thief who had thus atoned for his past sins, helped them underground, risking his own life. This stoy is not without prejudice and many inaccuracies, because at the time of occupation little Krystyna was almost seven years old, but it is a book about the thirst for life, friendship and salvation.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. January 23

On this day, Marie-Henri Beyle - Stendhal (January 23, 1783 - March 23, 1842) - an outstanding French writer, was born.

At the center of Stendhal’s creativity is a man, a human character. The writer is rightly considered the founder of the "realistic novel." The cornerstone of his work is experience: "I take some of the people I knew." Stendhal was convinced that there are “neither completely good nor absolutely bad people.” A person is determined by what they understand by the word “happiness”, and how they try to catch this “happiness”. Literature from the Library fund

The Day of Remembrance of Donetsk Airport Defenders

January 16 is the day of commemoration of the defenders who held the defense of Donetsk airport from May 26, 2014 to January 22, 2015 during the war in eastern Ukraine.

The so-called separatists called the Cyborg Ukrainians because they were shocked that living people could for so long and steadily defend the airport structure. "Cyborgs endured, concrete did not stand" - a phrase that went down in history along with the feat of the soldiers of Ukraine.

Not only the soldiers, but also the medics with volunteers who assisted and supported the Ukrainian soldiers, participated in the defense of this facility. Therefore, the memory is dedicated to all those who stood for Ukraine in those days.

The Library offers: Loyko, S. (2016). Aeroport : glavnaya kniga o voyne, kotoroy ne dolzhno bylo byt, i o geroyakh, kotorye khoteli zhit, no umirali [The Airport: the main book about the war, which should not have happened, and about the heroes who wanted to live, but have been dying]. Kiev : Brayt Star Pablishing.

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