Complicated and tragic personality

On the 31st of October we celebrate 165th birthday of Nikolay Ivanovich Kibalchich (1853-1881), revolutioner and inventor.

The 27 years biography of our countryman’s is fulfilled with episodes of scientific searches and discoveries, endless struggle with Russian autocracy.

Life brings a young man from Chernigov land, the town of Korop, to Pietersburg. Nikolay Kibalchich decides to become an engineer, but after a year of studding he becomes a student of medical surgery academy. His revolutionary ideas and aspiration to improve life of the people makes him a member of a Secret people’s organization “Narodnaya volya” (People’s will)

Performing the assignments of “Narodnaya volya”, Kibalchich learns thoroughly the theory and practice of explosive materials and in short term he becomes a great specialist in this area.

/Files/images/bibliograf/Минутко.jpgCreating of explosive projectile – is just a certain stage to solving the main problem of his life. The brain of a scientist worked tirelessly trying to find the principles of movements of the aircraft for interplanetary communication.

Being in custody, - Nikolay Ivanovich writes, - couple of days before my death, I write this project… If my idea, after thorough consideration by scientific-specialists, will be recognized as feasible, I will be happy with the fact that I would make my motherland and humanity a huge favor”.

Kibalchich was judged and executed on 3rd of April 1881. The relatives of “Tsar killer” were offered to change their last name, but they refused. The family of the terrorist has undergone a squall of repression. This also influenced Kibalchich’s countrymen: by the decree of the killed Tsar’s son, the town of Korop was forbidden to expand, and inhabitants were ordered to build a church and pray for the sin of their countryman till the end of their lives.

The libriary recommends: Minutko, I.A. Three lives: Kibalchich/ I.A. Minutko. –M.: Molodaya gvardiya [Young guards], 1986. -239 p.

More information:

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. the 25th of October

Every year, on October 25, creative people celebrate their professional holiday - Marketer's Day.

In the twentieth century this profession was specific and rare, but now marketers have become an integral part of the staff of any company.

The scientific library congratulates students and teachers of the department of marketing, PR-technologies and logistics of Chernihiv National Technological University! We wish you brilliant ideas, interesting projects, creative solutions and infinitely in love with your brand consumers!

The library offers: recommendation list of references "Marketing".

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. October 23

The Advertising Worker Day is a holiday for all advertisers, marketers, and PR people, celebrated annually on October 23.

The word "advertisement" comes from the Latin "reclamare" - shout out. According to the testimony of culturologists, in antique times and the Middle Ages, the spiritual activity of society was manifested mainly in oral form. Now there are many tools that serve to submit advertising information.

Advertising is the engine of progress,” said the unforgettable literary character Ostap Bender. It turns out that October 23 is a professional holiday of the most progressive people!

The scientific library congratulates students and teachers of the department of marketing, PR-technologies and logistics of Chernihiv National Technological University! We wish brilliant ideas, creative solutions, grateful customers!

The library offers: a reference list of references "Public Relations".

Traveling around Ukraine

Librarians of the ChNTU are active participants in tourist and local history traveling, organized by the Chernigov V. Tarnovsky Historical Museum.

/Files/images/Flickr/Глухов.jpgOn the eve of the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks, we went on an excursion to the city of Glukhov, Sumy region.

The last capital of Hetman brought the beauty of its monuments to contemporaries. The city has preserved many historic buildings, consecrated with the names of prominent Ukrainians. Unique architecture, beautiful nature of Polissya, interesting museums and memorable places - we got unforgettable impressions from the trip!

More photos on Flickr

New Arrivals

Proceedings of ChNTU teachers

Cornoz, N. Є. Review of court decisions as a form of judicial protection of the rights, freedoms and interests of individuals : / textbook / N. E. Kernoz. - Edition. 3rd ed., Proces. - Chernigov: RVV ChNUT, 2018. - 133 p.

The manual is an attempt to popularize the contents of the three fundamental procedural laws of Ukraine: the Economic Procedural Code of Ukraine, the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, the Code of Administrative Judicial Procedure of Ukraine on the interdisciplinary legal institute "Judicial Review", as well as the new procedure for applying to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine with a constitutional complaint and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). It is designed for a wide range of readers who are interested in the procedure for conducting legal proceedings in economic, civil, administrative cases when reviewing judicial decisions in Ukraine and the ECHR.

Korm, OM General and agricultural entomology with the basics of applied zoology: textbook / O. M. Korma. - Chernigov: RVV ChNUT, 2018. - 501 p.

The manual examines morphology, anatomy, biology of reproduction and development, ecology and taxonomy of insects, mites, nematodes and rodents, which harm agricultural crops. In a special section, the diagnostic features, the distribution within Ukraine of the most important pest species of these groups of animals, data on their biology, ecology and severity are presented. These methods of combating pests of crops.

Yushchenko, N. L. Economical-mathematical methods and models: the head of the village / N. Yushchenko. - Chernigov: RVV ChNUT, 2017. - 469 р.

The manual examines models and methods for making informed decisions with economic processes. The manual is designed primarily for applicants of higher education in the field of knowledge 05 "Economics", 07 "Management and administration" and the goal is to familiarize students of higher education institutions, scientific and pedagogical workers and individuals who, in their work, solve the tasks of business planning commercial activity and production and in the process of state regulation of economic development, with the opening up in the case of specific and targeted use of economic and mathematical tools development and support of managerial decisions for increasing efficiency in all spheres of public life in connection with the accelerated introduction by business entities of modern information and communication technologies and solutions for the creation of information resources and the practical application of electronic technologies in order to enhance their competitive advantages.

More information: New contributions of scientists from the Chelyabinsk National Technical University to the library fund.

Ukrainian genius Marchuk

"Ivan Marchuk is an artist on whom God's mercy stopped, perhaps he therefore often repeats:" I just write the voice of my soul. "Like all people with a rich inner world, he is plural, very philosophical, poignantly poetic, and the people's" . V. Yushchenko

For a month, the exhibition of the Ukrainian artist, the genius of modernity Ivan Marchuk, was on display at the "Plast-Art" museum. Chernihivtsy had a unique opportunity not only to see the master's creations, but also to communicate with him.

Ivan Marchuk is called the patriarch of the Ukrainian avant-garde, he is offered to be exhibited in the best halls of the world. By the way, the idea of creating the author's technique "plontanism" (from the Ukrainian word "plontata" - weave) arose in the artist in Chernigov, in picturesque Sednev.

Those who want to learn more about the life and work of Ivan Stepanchovich Marchuk, the library offers the following materials:

  • Berdnik, G. Virtual Values of Ivan Marchuk / G. Berdnik // International Tourism. - 2000. - No. 1. - P. 54-58. Ivan Marchuk. The artist-philosopher. The artist is a hard worker. He believes that a personal day of work is the greatest value given to a person by eternity.
  • Glazovyy A. The genius of my street [Art Ivan Marchuk] / A. Glazovyy// International tourism. - 2006. - No. 4. - P. 128-133. Skill-art critics, who like to hang short labels for artists, have long waved at him with a hand. The style of the great master can be called his own term Marcucasm.
  • Kuriko, V. Ivan Marchuk: Ukraine gives birth to the greatest talents, but does not care about them / V. Kuriko // Seven Days. - 2018. - No. 36. - P. 5. During the meeting in the museum, Ivan Marchuk told about his formation, rebelliousness and resentment towards Ukraine.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. 8 September

International Literacy Day is one of the international days celebrated in the United Nations system.

The holiday was introduced and celebrated not only in honor of those who gave mankind writing, but also all those who teach children and young people and spread literacy. The literacy of modern man consists of a desire for self-improvement, the acquisition of new knowledge, love of books, skills in working with modern information technologies. One of the sources of its distribution is the library. Come to our library and improve your literacy!

Scientific Library of Chelyabinsk National Technical University offers:

Roads of the native land

LNSTU librarians are active participants in tourist and local lore travels organized by the Chernigov Historical Museum named after A.Sh. V. Tarnovsky. This time we went on an excursion to the Koropsky district of the Chernigov region.

Korop is a small town with an ancient history. Old churches, streets with single-story houses have their own unique charm.

In the historical center of Korop there is a stone Ilyinsky church-fortress - a unique structure that combines secular, military and religious features. This is the only church of this type on the Left Bank. And what beautiful Assumption, Fedosievskaya and Ascension churches!

Very interesting was the visit to the memorial museum of NI Kibalchich in the restored family house. The exposition of the museum tells about the life and work of our fellow countryman, the inventor of the world's first jet aircraft, whose project he marked with a button on the wall of the prison cell, where he got after being arrested for taking part in the murder of Russian Emperor Alexander II. In the second room there is an exposition about achievements in the field of cosmonautics; Photos of 9 cosmonauts who studied at the Chernigov Military School. Among them is the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine LK Kadenyuk, who twice visited the memorial estate.

A pleasant end to our trip was an excursion to local agro-enterprises that grow agricultural crops using advanced technologies.

You can tell a lot about the small towns of our large area. But, as they say in the proverb: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times!".

More photos on Flickr

People who changed the history

The Day of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred is a commemorative day marked in Ukraine on February 20 in honor of the feat of the Revolution of Dignity participants and the commemoration of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds.

Four years ago in the center of Kiev blood of hundreds of people who rebelled against injustice, political persecution and criminal acts of authority was shed. Raising against the system of cynical lies and falsehoods is a tremendous feat, only true heroes are capable of it. The poet Tetiana Domashenko called the people who perished on the Independence Square and the streets adjoining to it the "Heavenly Hundred" for the first time devoting a poem "Heavenly Hundred looks at us with faith, hope, love ..." to them. These turbulent events have forever entered the history of Ukraine.

Thematic Internet navigator:

Guests of the Kachanivka Eden

On February 16, the librarians of the Scientific Library of ChNUT visited the musical-literary evening in the V. Tarnovskyi Chernihiv Historical Museum. The event was dedicated to prominent personalities who, in the forties of the nineteenth century, attended the Tarnovskyi Manor: V. I. Shternberg and M. I. Glinka.

This estate, lost in the woods, was a real magnet that compel the brightest heads and most talented people in dark times; where it was easy for artists and poets to write, where the creative intelligency went for inspiration.

Vasyl Ivanovich Sternberg (February 12, 1818 - November 8, 1845) - landscape painter and genre artist. He was one of the closest Taras Shevchenko's friends: they lived on the same apartment in St. Petersburg, attended literary and musical evenings, theaters together, were in common acquaintances. Vasyl Sternberg spent the summer vacations at the Tarnovskyi Estate; he wrote his best works here and was awarded the highest academic awards for them.

Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka (June 1, 1804 - February 15, 1857) - composer, founder of Russian classical music. Mikhail Glinka has repeatedly been to Chernihiv and Ichnia, Nizhyn, Hryhorivka, Monastyryshche. In Kachanivka he worked on the opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila", which excerpts were performed for the first time by the estate owner's choir, Maecenas Hryhorii Tarnovskyi. Two songs by Mikhail Glinka, written in Victor Zabily's poems, are dated 1838: "Sing Not, O Nightingale" and "The Wind Blows".

An interesting story by a museum staff member N. Ye. Samokhina was accompanied by a demonstration of scenic scapes of Kachanivka, landscapes and portraits. The event was held with the participation of teachers and students of Chernihiv Music College named after L. Revutsky.

More about the presence of M. Glinka and V. Sternberg in Chernihiv region can be found in the book of Chernigiv regional ethnographer V.V. Demidenko, who tells about cultural and artistic figures connected with their art or living with our land: Demidenko, V. V. (2010). Ostalis zdes ikh dush chastichki... [Their soul particles were left here…]. Kyiv: Zhurnal "Raduha".

Meet the new magazine in the reading room!

The monthly specialized "Quality Management" journal will help to improve the quality of production processes and products, implement marketing quality strategies, and meet the requirements of international quality standards. It is issued with the informational support of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Research and Training Center for Standardization, Certification and Quality".

Where to find: Scientific Library, Building 11 (Striletska str., 1).

The International Book Giving Day

This day (The International Book Giving Day) was initiated by Emmy Broadmoor from America in 2012. The idea was suggested by her little son who asked her why there is no special day when people give each other books.

The International Book Giving Day brings together everyone who loves to read and give books, inspire others to love reading. On this day, it is usually customary to give books to each other and family members, to leave books in crowded places, to provide discounts in bookstores, to organize volunteer campaigns for collecting books, to donate print works to libraries.

To give books to the library is a good tradition, which our readers adhere to. Taking this opportunity, we express our sincere gratitude to all those who joined the noble cause - the donation of books not only this day but also throughout the year, thus helping to fill the fund of our library with educational, scientific and art editions.

Action "Leave a memory of yourself in the walls of your native university".

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. February 14th

Dear readers! On the eve of the Saint Valentine's Day, we would like to express our love and respect to you. We value you and always welcome you!

We invite you to join the congratulations and leave your message on the festive board under this link.

We also suggest selecting a topic for discussion interesting for you. A thematic board for further virtual communication will be created. Send your suggestions to:

The library offers:

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. February 13th

World Radio Day is an observance day held annually.

The importance and value of radio as the meaning of strengthen and developing of the international cooperation, active promotion of free access to information, especially in the era of digital technologies, is a topical issue for society as a whole.

Today, on the World Radio Day, we join in congratulations to all those who discovered this important and necessary foundation for our human relationships, to all those who have found the response and understanding to this unique phenomenon in their souls, to all those who are listening to the radio. We are proud that our university trains future specialists in this field and congratulates students and lecturers of the Department of Biomedical Electronic Devices and Systems.

We would like to remind everyone who is interested in radio engineering that there are many interesting and useful books on this topic, as well as professional periodicals in the funds of the Scientific Library of the ChNUT.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. February 8th

Jules Gabriel Verne (February 8, 1828, Nantes, France - March 24, 1905, Amiens, France) - French writer, founder of the science fiction genre was born this day.

The first novels brought him popular recognition. As soon as the books of the French writer were printed, they were immediately translated into many languages and spread throughout the world.

Jules Verne's diligence is impressive in scale - sixty three novels and two collections of stories and tales published in 97 books. In its entirety - about a thousand printed sheets or eighteen thousand book pages! A new hero came in literature together with the new novel - a knight of science, an unselfish scientist, who is ready to go for any sacrifice , for the sake of realizing great hopes to perform a feat in the name of his creative ideas.

By edition and number of translations, Jules Verne is still one of the most beloved popular writers. In different countries, there are more and more new editions of works, plays, films, series based on stories "Voyages extraordinaires".

The library offers: virtual exhibition "Jules Verne's Heroes".

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. January 29th

Battle of Kruty -a battle that took place on January 16 (29), 1918, at the Kruty railway station near the village of Kruty and near the village Pamyatne, 130 kilometers north-east of Kiev, 18 kilometers east of Nizhyn.

This battle lasted 5 hours between the 4,000-strong Bolshevik Mikhail Muravev Army and a detachment of students from Kiev and free Cossacks, which in total numbered several hundred soldiers. This event in the history of the formation of the Ukrainian state has shown patriotism and sacrifice of its citizens.

The library offers: a reference list of literature "Heroic of the tragedy of the Kruty".

Thematic Internet navigator:

New revenues. The works of the lecturers of the ChNUT

A new monograph by the Doctor of Technology, Professor, chief of the t machine design Departmen of the ChNUT Oleh Ivanovych Pylypenko was published.

Pilipenko, O. I. (2017). Tsepnye peredachi i privody : monografiya [Chain transmissions and drives]. Chernihiv: Desna.

The monograph introduces a new concept of automated synthesis of chain transmissions and drives with practically any number of masses (sprockets) - from the creation of the theoretical foundations of new methods of calculation, design and modeling considering the dynamic processes that are actually taking place during their operation, the use of new progressive materials, technologies and equipment for their implementation - to the serial development of industry chain drives, equipped with new parts.

libraries that are interested in can contact and get a free copy.

Calendar of significant and memorable dates. January 25th

The 25th of January marked the 80th birth anniversary of the Volodymyr Vysotskyi.

Volodymyr Semenovych Vysotskyi is an actor of theater and cinema, a poet, composer and a performer of his songs. He was an idol of millions and still has his voice, his songs continue to live. The literature from our library, which is presented in the video "Lived as Sung" will help you to find out more about Volodymyr Vysotskyi. Here you will find texts of famous songs, interesting facts from Vysotskyi's life, get acquainted with memories of people who knew him closely and represent his reliable portrait - an artist, a poet, a singer, a person, a citizen. We invite to the library!

The Ukrainian Unity Day

The Day of January 22, 1919 entered the national calendar as a major public holiday - the Ukrainian Unity Day.

It was the day when on the square in front of Kiev Sophia there was an event that a generation of Ukrainian patriots dreamed about: the unity of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western-Ukrainian People's Republic was solemnly proclaimed in the freedom-loving assembly.

To this outstanding event, the Scientific Library of the ChNUT proposes to review the editions in which the problems of unity have been studied, the preconditions and factors of the unification process have been determined, the development of state-building ideas is traced, ways of building a Unitarian Ukraine under contemporary conditions are considered in:

The Feast of the Nativity of Christ

The staff of the Scientific Library of Chernihiv National University of Technology congratulates everyone on a wonderful and bright holiday - the Nativity of Christ!

At this holiday, we would like to wish peace and calmness in every house, goodness, understandance, wealth, love, happiness, sanity, successes, more joy, good health and all the benefits! Let all expectations be justified and the most cherished dreams come true!

The library offers: a thematic review of literature "Christmas holidays in Ukraine".

Virtual exhibition of photo works "My Crimea"

The Department of Social and Humanitarian disciplines, "Haudeamus" creative studio, together with the Scientific Library of the ChNUT, invites students, lecturers and staff to take part in the virtual photo exhibition "My Crimea" within the framework of the implementation of measures for the preparation and holding of the general patriotic action "My Crimea".

Please, send photos to

New revenues. The works of the lecturers of the ChNUT

Scarlet, S. M., Savchenko, V. F., Melnyk, A. I. Et al. (2017). Eurointegration vector of Ukraine: the direction of socio-economic development [Yevrointehratsiinyi vektor Ukrainy: spriamuvannia sotsialno-ekonomichnoho rozvytku]. V. F. Savchenko, T. L. Shestakovskyi (Eds.). Chernihiv: ChNUT.

The monograph examines the problems of socio-economic development of Ukraine at the present stage in the context of European integration processes, which are decisive in the state. Particular attention is paid to investing in innovative development, the impact of globalization processes on the state's economy, the use of international experience of regionalism, the development of industries, corporations and entrepreneurship, the state and prospects of the social sphere. Proposals for a comprehensive overcoming of problems are provided and grounded.

The Scientific Library invites to the opening of an art exhibition

/Files/images/chntu/натура.jpgAuthors Reference:

Andriy Sagaydachny was born on July 14, 1991 in Chernihiv. Since Andriy was a little boy he was attracted to art. Already from 12 years he was enthusiastically attending Chernihiv Art School and was a student of V.A. Natalushko, then L. Gulchak in the watercolor studio. At the end of high school number 29 in 2008, Andriy entered the higher educational institution, at Chernihiv National Pedagogical University, at the Faculty of Primary Education and Fine Arts. At the university, Andriy met many of his followers, they often painted in a studio and went to the open air. There was more than once that Andriy stayed in the studio tonight, sharpening his technique. Mentors and an example for imitation at the University for Andriy were: Yemets V.V., Mykhailyuk V.V., Morsky D. D., Matveitseva G.

The works of Volodymyr Kravchenko not only reflect the world around us, but also surprise art connoisseurs with their unordinary character, often applying improvisation in them in portraits and still lives. Volodymyr Kravchenko was born in Chernihiv on June 21, 1988. In 2004 he graduated from Chernihiv Children's Art School, was a student of Krip then Chernigov National Taras Shevchenko Pedagogical University, specializing in Primary Eduction and Fine Arts. He studied painting from well-known Chernihiv artists: E. Krip, V. Mikhailyuk, G. Matveytsova, L. Koydan. Young non-standard artist is constantly in creative search, works in different genres, tests various techniques, styles, experiments, Volodymyr Kravchenko is a supporter of so-called open painting.

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