Collected works by lecturers of CPNU

Pinchuk, A.O. (2019). Derzhavne rehuliuvannia staloho rozvytku silskoho hospodarstva v umovakh transformatsii natsionalnoi ekonomiky: teoriia, metodolohiia ta praktyka [State regulation of sustainable development of agriculture in the conditions of transformation of national: economy, methodology and practice]. Chernihiv: RVV ChNTU.

The monograph highlights the current problems of state regulation of sustainable development of agriculture in Ukraine. State regulation of agriculture is considered as a system of coordinated actions (directions, forms, methods, levers, tools) of public authorities in relation to their direct and indirect impact on innovation and investment processes in agriculture. The necessity to form the complex mechanism of the state regulation of sustainable development of agriculture in the conditions of transformation of national economy, which is based on author's principles (algorithmicity, interinstitutional complementarity, resilience, consumerism and digitalization) is substantiated. Considerable attention is paid to the complementary inter-institutional model of sustainable development of agriculture in Ukraine, which provides complementary interaction of all stakeholders and focuses on comprehensive regulation of production-economic and innovation-investment processes in agriculture. The concept of ensuring sustainable development of agriculture in Ukraine has been developed and the strategic and tactical priorities of its implementation have been substantiated. The necessity and prospects of introduction of Blockchain-technologies in the system of state regulation of sustainable development of agriculture in Ukraine are determined.

Romanova, A.A. (2018). Turystychna industriia: stratehiia rozvytku ta upravlinnia [Tourism industry: strategy of development and management]. Chernihiv: Brahynets OV.

The monograph contains a scientific justification for the strategic management of the tourism industry. Theoretical-methodological bases of mechanisms of state regulation of development of tourist and recreational branch are defined. The world experience of strategic management in the field of tourism is studied. An analysis of methodological approaches to the management of the tourism industry in crisis conditions: unstable socio-economic situation, lack of budget funding, armed conflicts, reputational losses, etc. The main emphasis is placed on the expediency of improving the economic and legal mechanisms of strategic management in tourism and the use of anti-crisis technologies of state regulation of tourism and recreation in Ukraine. A number of practical recommendations for tourism entities have been made.

Sakun, O.S. (2019). Teoriia ta praktyka formuvannia investytsiinoho resursu natsionalnoi ekonomiky [Theory and practice of forming the investment resource of the national economy]. Chernihiv: RVV ChNTU.

The monograph highlights the theoretical and practical aspects of the formation of the investment resource of the national economy. The necessity of the formation of investment resource of structural modernization of the Ukrainian economy is substantiated. The concept of formation and realization of investment resource of structural modernization of economy of Ukraine is developed.


On October 5, a personal exhibition of watercolor painting and graphics by our compatriot Pavlenko Volodymyr Volodymyrovych, People's Architect of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of architecture, associate professor of Department of Architecture and Environmental Design.

/Files/images/pavlenko/127278941_192067595797140_2316363282032097912_n.jpgVolodymyr Volodymyrovych Pavlenko was born on May 14, 1946 in the village of Novyi Bykiv, Bobrovytsia district, Chernihiv region. After graduating from school, he tried himself as a graphic artist, and later entered the Faculty of Architecture of the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering. In 1971 he started working at the Chernihiv Design Institute "Diprotsyvilprombud". From there he was transferred to the Department of Construction and Architecture of the Chernihiv Regional Executive Committee, where he worked as an architect, and later - a senior architect and head of the planning bureau. In 1976, he took advanced training courses at the Moscow Institute of Architecture and until 1982 worked as Deputy Chief Architect of the Chernihiv region, and since 1983 - Chief Architect of Chernihiv.

/Files/images/pavlenko/127268783_417899429252679_255557161284738569_n.jpgSince 1986 he has been the chief architect of the Chernihiv region. During 25 years of work in this position, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych has done a lot for the preservation and restoration of architectural monuments of the region, their promotion. Under his leadership, more than 700 village and settlement planning projects were developed, general plans for the long-term development of all cities were drawn up, and district planning projects for all administrative districts and the region as a whole were developed. The architect personally joined the design of Borzna, Horodnia, Nizhyn, Nosivka, Semenivka, Shchors, Koryukivka, Varva, Kozelets, Korop and other towns and villages of Chernihiv region. He organized the design and construction of Slavutych.

/Files/images/pavlenko/127889078_379711193280143_234496961809623836_n.jpgIn the second half of the 1980s, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych was one of the organizers of competitions, conferences and meetings to develop projects for the construction of the central historical part of Chernihiv. Pavlenko VV made a significant contribution to the restoration of religious monuments of Chernihiv: Spaskyi, Borysohlibskyi, Troitskyi and Uspenskyi Cathedrals, Katerynynska and Illinska Churches, Anthony's Caves, the complex of architectural monuments of the Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi Monastery in the Novgorod-Siversky wooden church of St. George and other. He co-authored the ornamental composition of the Druzhba monument on the border of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus in the village of Senkivka, Gorodnyansky district, Chernihiv region; the coat of arms and flag of Chernihiv region; the monument to the 900th anniversary of the Congress of Princes, built in 1997 on Zamkova hora in Lyubech; the monument to I. Mazepa on the Rampart in Chernihiv; the Orthodox Church of Paraskeva-Piatnytsia in the village of Chaikine, Novgorod-Siversky district.

/Files/images/pavlenko/127513784_132947175001002_919820012623894802_n.jpgHe helped to revive the estate of the Ukrainian writer Panteleimon Kulish in the Borzna Region. Pavlenko VV is the author of the program of preservation of monuments of the National historical and cultural reserve "Hetman's capital" and development of social and engineering and transport infrastructure of Baturyn.

Extraordinary diligence and natural talent gave him the opportunity to achieve significant success in professional activities. In 1995, he became a laureate of the Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky Regional Prize for the development of a complex of monuments in honor of the 1000th anniversary of Novgorod-Siversky and the 800th anniversary of "The Tale of Igor's Campaign". Honored Architect of Ukraine (July 1, 1997) - for merits in the development of architecture and urban planning, high professionalism.

/Files/images/pavlenko/127273737_127680378936166_1089183070893473654_n.jpgIn 1999, he became Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of architecture for the architecture of the city hospital on 1 Travnia Street in Chernihiv. In 2001, he was awarded the Order "For Merits" of the III degree for great achievements in professional activity, long-term conscientious work.

For significant personal contribution to the creation of the National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Hetman's Capital" in Baturyn, productive scientific work, charitable activities in the field of preservation of the historical heritage of the Ukrainian people he was awarded the honorary title of People's Architect of Ukraine. Since 2011, he has been teaching. We invite you to attend the exhibition!


Collected works of CHNUT teachers

Deriy, Zh.V., Zosimenko, T.I., Minina, O.V., Shadura-Nikiporets, N.T. (2019). Politychna ekonomiia [Political economy]. Chernigov: RVV ChNTU.

The manual, in accordance with the structure of the course, covers the theoretical and methodological aspects of political economy as an integral system consisting of many content components, which are simultaneously separated and interrelated. The structure and content of the proposed textbook meets the modern requirements for training bachelors. Strengthening the theoretical foundations of the course is facilitated by the tests and practical tasks presented in the manual. For convenience, a glossary of basic terminology is provided.

Shkarlet S.M., Minina O.V., Shadura-Nikiporets N.T. (2019). Investment activity of the enterprise . Chernigov: RVV ChNTU.

The proposed tutorial sequentially reveals the content of seven interrelated topics covering key issues of organizing investment activities at the enterprise level. The proposed theoretical material is based on an active methodology. Visual material is presented in the form of diagrams, graphs, tables and other types of visualization. At the end of each topic, a list of tasks, situational tasks and tests is provided, which serve as a form of independent study and control of students' knowledge in the classroom.

Shestakovskaya T.L. (2019). Mekhanizmy derzhavnoho rehuliuvannia innovatsiinoho rozvytku ahrarnoho sektoru ECONOMY of Ukraine [Mechanisms of state regulation of innovative development of the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economy]. Chernigov: RVV ChNTU.

В монографии освещены актуальные проблемы функционирования механизмов государственного регулирования инновационного развития аграрного сектора Украины. Обоснована необходимость формирования комплексного механизма государственного регулирования инновационного развития аграрного сектора Украины. Разработана концепция формирования и реализации государственной политики инновационного развития аграрного сектора Украины и обоснованы стратегические и тактические приоритеты ее реализации.


Собрание сочинений преподавателей ЧНУТ

Бердник И.В. (2019). Крыминально-праваова охрана водных ресурсов: теоретични та прикладни засадыБердник И.В. (2019). Крыминально-правовая охрана водных ресурсов: теоретические и прикладные основы. Киев: Дакор.

В монографии дано комплексное исследование теоретических и прикладных основ уголовно-правовой охраны водных ресурсов, предлагаются изменения в законодательные акты, направленные на обеспечение целостности уголовно-правовой охраны водных ресурсов. Особое внимание уделяется водным ресурсам как объекту уголовной защиты, уголовно-правовым аспектам механизма причинения вреда водным ресурсам, историческим и сравнительно-правовым аспектам уголовной ответственности за посягательство на водные ресурсы, анализируется состав этих преступлений. . Кроме того, исследуются вопросы квалификации преступлений, связанных с водными ресурсами, и их разграничения между собой, а также с другими правонарушениями. Рассмотрены меры уголовного характера за преступления против водных ресурсов.

Вниманию пользователей: серия виртуальных выставок «Собрание сочинений преподавателей ЧНУТ».


встреча с писателем-фантастом Максом Стриксомв библиотеке состоится . Имеет историческое и семинарское образование. Он провел более 10 лет в Латинской Америке. Он работал национальным директором международного университета, преподавал философию и религиоведение. Он жил в тропических лесах Амазонки, среди индейских племен и в горных районах Анд. Он много путешествовал по Северной Америке и Карибскому региону.

Автор приглашает вас на презентацию своей новой книги, в которой сочетаются элементы социальной, научной и боевой фантастики:

Стрикс, М. (2019). Uteriannii talan t [Утраченный талант]. Киев: Зеленый пес.

The measured life of Eternal Unity was broken by an unprecedented shock. The enemy attacked the civilization of intelligent beings who had already forgotten about wars and murders. In an effort to seize the resources of the enemy, he captures one planet after another with inhabitants unprepared for defense. Is the eternal civilization over? The intergalactic transporter arrives from a remote province with Unity's last hope, a teenage girl. Born already in war, on a planet captured by the Enemy, she is ready to fight them. If only the stars helped her. And their own people - having learned - did not shoot in the back.

You can read an excerpt from the book here .

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